Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive

The Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive contains historical gazetted information for all four historical South African provinces, from 1910 to 1994.

  • Transvaal
  • Orange Free State
  • Natal
  • Cape of Good Hope

As a subscriber to the Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive you have immediate access to more than 20 000 full-text historical Provincial Gazettes for the South African provinces, between 1910 and 1994. Metadata has been added to all documents containing Acts or Ordinances, making these highly-searchable resources. Each complete Provincial Gazette is available in PDF format and is not broken down into notice level.

The benefits of the Retrospective Provincial Gazettes Archive

  • Easy to use search functionality enables you to easily find the gazetted information you require, without the need to browse through thousands of hard copy Gazettes
  • Browser-based access allows you to access information from most devices, when and where you need it
  • Online access, delivery and storage of the Gazettes saves you time spent searching through hard copies, as well as expensive storage costs