South African Government and Provincial Gazettes (SA Gazettes)

South African Government and Provincial Gazettes

Our South African Government and Provincial Gazettes (SA Gazettes) service is an easily-accessible online collection of SA Gazetted information.

The SA Gazettes collection includes Government and Provincial Gazettes since 1994 as well as Parliamentary Bills from 1999, and are updated daily, as new Gazettes become available.

You have the option to search Government Gazetted information extensively either on notice level or by obtaining the complete Gazette. The Provincial Gazettes includes all nine provinces, which can be searched individually or all provinces at the same time.

As a subscriber you'll have online access to legislation, regulations, proclamations, deceased estates, legal notices, liquor notices, liquidations, road carrier permits and so much more. Subscribers can either subscribe to both Government or Provincial Gazettes or separately to each one.

The benefits of SA Gazettes

  • Immediate access to Gazette information, saving storage space and cost
  • Easy printing, download and e-mail
  • Easy search functionality
  • Daily and weekly e-mail alerts, with links to the full-text

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