SA Media

SA Media is a news research and press clipping service that retrospectively covers mainstream publications in South Africa, from 1978 to present day.

At present the SA Media press clipping services collection comprises over 4,5 million articles. With an average of 2500 new articles added weekly, SA Media is a comprehensive research tool that allows you to search local mainstream publications.

All the articles returned in the search results are available in full text, making every word in every article searchable. Related images and photographs are available in full colour for selected articles, giving you a complete resource for your research needs.

Articles in the SA Media collection are delivered in PDF format, making them easy to download, print and share by email.

SA Media comprises:
  • The original SA Media archive from 1977 to December 2014, consisting of over 4-million articles
  • The new SA Media database consisting of more than 30 publications

The benefits of SA Media

  • Articles delivered in PDF format
  • Articles are fully searchable as they have been OCR'ed
  • Full colour images and photographs included in high-resolution since 2015