Specialised Reference Databases

Sabinet's Specialised Reference Databases service is easily accessible directly via your intranet by means of IP authentication.

The Specialised Reference Databases collection comprises of SA Citations, SACat Plus and the African Digital Repository. 

SA Citations provides extensive coverage of local and international information indexed by South African organisations.

Included in this group are:

  • ISAP (Index to South African Periodicals) - indexed articles from more than 600 periodicals.
  • Kovsidex - Consists of selected articles according to the needs of the primary clients of the University of the Orange Free State. It also includes a wide range of reference works on the theory and practice of education from the database originally indexed by the Research Institute for Education Planning.
  • Forestry - a unique pamphlet collection from forestry, wood science and nature conservation research institutes in South Africa, the USA, South America, Europe, Australasia and certain countries of Eastern Europe. This database is compiled by the University of Stellenbosch.
  • Centre for Rural Legal Studies - the main focus of this database, compiled by the Centre for Rural Legal Studies, is on agriculture and agricultural workers on commercial farms in South Africa.
  • Cloverdex - a database of indexed periodical articles collected by the company Clover SA (Pty). It contains information primarily connected with the dairy industry in general (1980-2007).
  • Mintek - a bibliographic database containing the results of Mintek's original research in the fields of metals and industrial minerals. The database consists of reports, patents, special publications, and papers (1931-2005).

SACat Plus

SACat Plus provides bibliographic information about material stored in Southern African libraries, material published in South Africa, theses produced in South Africa (Doctoral and Masters level), and current and completed research undertaken in South Africa.

Included in this group are: 

  • SACat - a union catalogue of items held by Southern African libraries. Updated daily
  • SANB - all material published in South Africa (books, pamphlets, government publications, maps, technical reports, periodicals). Updated daily
  • UCTD - bibliographic records of theses and dissertations (Doctoral and Masters level) submitted to South African universities since 1918. Updated daily.
  • Navtech - information on current and completed research undertaken in what used to be South Africa's technikons. Updated daily.
  • Accredited Journals - lists all journals which have been approved as research platforms. Updated annually.
  • Current and Completed Research - South African research projects undertaken at South African academic institutions in the fields of economics, science and the humanities. Included are Masters and Doctoral theses and research works from the government, non-government and private sectors. Updated regularly.

African Digital Repository

The African Digital Repository for records harvested from the institutional repositories of a number of South African and African institutions. Links to the full text are included.


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