CapiraMobile brings the library to life in the hands of users. It is a custom library app that strengthens relationships between the library and people who use its collections and services, wherever they are. Communication options and a personalised interface encourage active and meaningful engagement, helping libraries meet evolving expectations.

A full-fledged extension of your library, CapiraMobile offers users convenience, freedom of choice and, with its modern, intuitive customer-centric design, a range of tools to access and engage with their library of choice, making searching, learning about and lending materials that much easier.

A digital extension of your library

With CapiraMobile, your library is always open and available, providing users with a virtual extension of the services you already provide. A feature-filled smartphone app, CapiraMobile allows users to engage with your library on a new level.

Breathe new life into the way your library lives online:

  • Numbers that tell a story: CapiraMobile reveals a new perspective on library engagement so that you can pivot fast as needs and expectations change. A wide range of reports provide an in-depth view into acquisitions, user engagement, and outcomes of the objectives you’ve set to track success.
  • Authentic experience: CapiraMobile creates an authentic digital extension of the familiar library experience from searching your catalogue and reserving materials to renewing a library card. Robust customisation means your library brand is always front and centre.
  • More meaningful engagement: Meet library users where they are with an easy-to-install and customisable app that increases library usage and inspires active engagement.
  • Personalised: Libraries can personalise the experience with a custom interface, and library users can choose what they want to see and do—including the option to receive event reminders and other information.
  • Communicate better: Push notifications with strategic marketing messages, social media integration, and event promotion make CapiraMobile an effective communication tool to support library goals.
  • Choice and convenience: With ongoing COVID-19 concerns and libraries in various states of reopening, CapiraMobile enables libraries to offer choice and convenience for people who want to engage with the library without visiting a physical location.