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Sabinet announces collaboration with Afriwise to enhance client value

Jun 21, 2023 | Press Releases

Sabinet announces collaboration with Afriwise to enhance client value

This unique offering improves the availability and usability of African legislation, making it easier for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals to access and comprehend. This includes up-to-date legislation, regulations, case law, and legal commentary, providing a consolidated and reliable source of legal information.

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New legislation is regularly being introduced across the continent, with focuses on areas like money laundering, trade, export, and cybersecurity laws.

“Staying up to date with legal and regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly complex,” said Afriwise CEO and founder Steven De Backer.

“The risks have heightened steeply in recent years, and the implications and costs of non-compliance are steep.”

360-degree view on South African and African Legislation

The channel partnership between Sabinet and Afriwise allows for Sabinet subscribers to access crucial African legal and regulatory information from across the continent.

Sabinet already offers in-depth legal resources and news for South Africa that dates back 112 years, and by partnering with Afriwise, its clients will now gain access to an impressive collection of legal and regulatory resources that apply to the rest of Africa.

“Sabinet’s in-depth South African legislative, judicial, and legal research collection complements Afriwise’s offering focusing on the rest of Africa,” said Sabinet Managing Director Rosalind Hattingh.

“Combining these resources will provide a unique and valuable offering to our clients.”

This partnership therefore solidifies Sabinet as the ultimate one-stop shop for South African legalese and information specialists – including those who work with multi-national African organisations.

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About Afriwise

Afriwise is a legal-tech company that was founded in 2018 to provide African businesses with easy access to accurate legal intelligence.

It offers information across all areas of African business law, enabling organisations to easily find information about legislation and regulations that must be followed to remain compliant.

Afriwise works with the best African law firms to ensure that its information is always reliable, trustworthy, and up to date.

About Sabinet

Sabinet facilitates access to legal, regulatory, and scholarly information through its centralised platforms that enable collaboration and resource sharing.

Its platforms include library support services and customised information-centric services for libraries, corporates, small businesses, students, the media, and researchers.

Sabinet also runs a next-gen cloud-based platform called Sabinet Discover, through which Afriwise subscribers are seamlessly redirected and authenticated to access Afriwise’s in-depth legal and regulatory information.

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