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Academic Law Research From a Leading Online Journal Platform

Jul 15, 2019 | Blog, Company news

Single Platform – Valuable Information Sources for Academic Law Research

As a dynamic and leading online journal platform, we provide a portal to an extensive range of journals relevant to Africa. If you are looking for the perfect starting place for academic law research, we invite you to browse our collection. Noted for being the most comprehensive of its kind, our collection of journals includes an impressive array of journals and papers as valuable sources of information for academic law research.The collection includes no fewer than 500 African journal titles and an excess of 350 000 full-text articles. We regularly add to the collection, enabling you to find the latest papers and articles relevant to academic law research. Indeed, it is the largest of its kind regarding searchable full-text African journals online on a single platform that specifically contains information originating from or relevant to the continent.Use our service to find research in disciplines such as medicine and health, labour, business and finance, and social sciences and humanities. You will also find Juta’s law collection through our platform.Below is a brief introduction to some of the publications, giving you an indication of the types of publications available and the relevancy to academic law research.

ACCORD Occasional Paper

This series of publications is focused on aspects of conflict resolution, peacekeeping, and governance. It is distributed to roughly 3 000 readers in the target groups that include government ministries, international organisations, and academics. ACCORD is the publisher of the paper.

African Journal of Employee Relations

Previously known as the South African Journal of Labour Relations, this scientific journal is an indispensable source of information if you conduct academic law research on a topic related to employment issues in South Africa. The School of Management Sciences and the Graduate School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa jointly publish the journal series.

Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly

This journal contains valuable legal opinions related to topics in the tax, business, and finance fields. The articles are relevant for academic law research. Three leading tax and corporate consultants lead the editing team of the quarterly journal.

Child Abuse Research in South Africa

If your academic research relates to family law and, more specifically, child abuse, then this journal is invaluable as a source of information. It’s the journal of the South African Society on the Abuse of Children, which contains peer-reviewed articles on the issues pertaining to child abuse as relevant to the current intellectual, cultural, and political debate in the country. It is a bi-annual publication of which our collection contains issues from Volume 1 April 2000 to the present.

Conflict Trends

For academic law research in the political, social, and humanities fields as related to conflict, the quarterly journal published by ACCORD is an excellent source for overviews related to conflict development and the steps towards renewal and change in Africa.

Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa

This journal is published by the Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law in Africa three times a year. It provides a review of the latest legal developments in Southern Africa – specifically the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, and Lesotho. The peer-reviewed publication is the recognised law journal for South Africa and thus essential for current information regarding legal developments.

Law, Democracy & Development

This bi-annual journal from the University of the Western Cape focuses on topics related to legal practitioners, academics, students, and social scientists involved in the design and implementation of development policies within the framework of a democratic political order.

South African Journal of Bioethics and Law

If your academic research pertains to topics in the medical field, specifically related to bioethics, human rights and law, you will appreciate the articles published in this credible bi-annual journal. The journal is published by the Health & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG).Make use of our platform to gain access to these and many other valuable sources of information on your topic of choice related to academic law research in South Africa.