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We are recognised for providing central platforms for collaboration and resource sharing amongst libraries.

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Library Management Services

Cataloguing and Acquisitions (SabiCat)

A service that supports the collection development process from acquisitions to cataloguing.

WorldCat Discovery

A cloud-based application that helps people easily navigate and find library resources.

WorldShare Management Services

An integrated suite of cloud-based library management and discovery applications.


Organise every item in your library’s unique collection.


Access and authentication software that allows libraries to deliver e-content simply and effectively.


A service which helps libraries to make their digital collections available on the web – quickly and easily.


Instructions and guidelines on formulating bibliographic data.

Resource Sharing Services

ReQuest (National Interlending)

Simplified Interlibrary Loan (ILL) processes through a cooperative resource sharing network.

International Interlending

Simplified Inter Library Loan (ILL) processes through a cooperative resource sharing network.


Tipasa helps maintain ILL services during any crisis, ensuring your users never lose access to the information they need.

Library Apps


Bring the library to life in the hands of users with this custom library app that becomes a full-fledged digital extension of your library.

Online Publishing Solutions

Enabling African and South African scholarly publishers since 2001


Over 20 years of digitising old, archived and printed materials