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Welcome to the world of unparalleled insights into South African and African industries.

Through its world class information platform, Sabinet Discover, Sabinet now offers access to over 690 industry reports that provide key insights into markets, risk management, compliance, and supply chain management. The reports also outline pertinent legal frameworks governing their respective industries, thereby establishing an indispensable resource tailor-made for local and international industry analysts, decision makers and academic researchers alike.

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Sabinet delivers these market insights as annual subscription services in an online environment through Sabinet Discover. The platform allows subscribers to discover and effortlessly access the richness of Sabinet’s information services. New and updated reports are updated regularly. All reports are available as PDF downloads.


In-Depth Insights, Informed Decisions

A comprehensive view of each sector, covering:

  • Industry Characteristics and Size
  • Key Drivers and Challenges
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Influencing Factors
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Industry Outlook

Empowering Researchers and Decision Makers

Your go-to source for in-depth research on African industries. The high-quality reports empower professionals across a range of sectors:

  • Academic researchers and university students: Gain greater insights
  • Independent researchers: Access qualitative reports
  • Corporate researchers: Stay abreast of the latest industry trends
  • Businesses owners: Benchmark your company
  • Industry investors: Optimise corporate investments
  • Policy makers: Enhance strategic initiatives

Seamless access for local and international users to the in-depth reports covering South African industries, as well as industries in Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and more.

Unlock the Benefits of In-Depth Analysis and Key Insights into 25 Industries Across Africa.

The source reports are written by Who Owns Whom (WOW) according to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) industry sector classification codes. WOW is an independent research organisation dedicated to producing exceptional, original research.

The Sabinet Link – Market Intelligence and Qualitative Contexts.

Sabinet, a pioneering force in information solutions, can now provide this market intelligence solution that stands apart from any other. Related Content links to news, journals, reference, and legal content. African Industry Reports focused on South African industries will be linked to applicable acts and regulations. Seamlessly navigate between reports and legal content, enabling informed decisions.


  • Unleashes a spectrum of advantages offered by market intelligence
  • Qualitative context infused into reports
  • Elevates data into actionable insights
  • Dynamic self-service analytical functionalities
  • Advanced search

Sabinet Discover Value


Legal, news, journals, reports, archives and citation databases on one single, open platform.


Fully responsive – driving discoverability and ease of use of Sabinet’s content.


Links between various Sabinet products created by Sabinet product specialists as well as AI where applicable, providing a holistic connection between resources for optimal insight and analysis.



All content that is not subscribed to can be purchased via e-commerce.


Anyone is able to search, use the indexes, and create a myDiscover profile.


myDiscover is a personal space on Sabinet Discover.