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The information you need is not always right in front of you, or accurate. Choose what’s relevant to you and we’ll only send you what’s accurate, reliable and applicable to you.

Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services will be your eyes and your ears as we go through 1000 newspaper articles related to parliament and 179 government media statements per month, 200 Gazette notices per week, 36 parliamentary committees and 26 government departments a day, to select only the information that will help you advance your business.

The early warning service helps you stay up to date with the latest legislation as well as the potential impacts of not being compliant with the law.

Single Topic CMS services available:


    • Cannabis

Sign up to receive cannabis related legislative and policy summaries with links to the relevant document sent straight to your inbox. We use professional sources to certify unbiased and objective reporting and provide links to related content. You will be notified of any policy and legislation impacted by changes to cannabis legislation.

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    • Other single monitoring topics include: Finance, Mining and Engineering