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Whatever the circumstances Sabinet’s Online Legal Information Services provide uninterrupted, updated access to accurate information.

All consolidated South African acts, rules and regulations since 1910 with precise updates in full text.

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African Legislation (Afriwise)

Sabinet’s in-depth South African legislative, judicial and legal research collection complements Afriwise’s offering focusing on the rest of Africa. Combining these resources provides a unique and valuable offering to our clients.

Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments

Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments is a consolidated service that includes South African Reserve Bank and FSCA Regulatory Instruments on a single platform – with notifications to all legislation as well as future legislation.

Sabinet National Legislation (NetLaw)

All consolidated South African acts, rules and regulations since 1910 with precise updates in full text.

Sabinet Provincial Legislation

Sabinet Provincial Legislation All acts and ordinances across nine provinces with point-in-time search functionality.

Sabinet Municipal By-Laws

All municipal by-laws across nine provinces with weekly updates.

Bargaining Council Agreements

All up-to-date Bargaining Council Agreements for all Registered Bargaining Councils.


Sabinet Judgments

Unreported and reported judgments from South African courts with dedicated what’s new section.

CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards

CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards from 1996 to present.


Sabinet Legal Registers

At-a-glance access to customised legal and compliance obligations.

Government and Parliament

South African Government Gazettes (post 1994)

Online South African Gazetted information from 1994 to present – with daily updates.

South African Provincial Gazettes

Gazetted information from nine provinces from 1995 to present.

South African Retrospective Gazettes (pre 1994)

Government Gazettes from 1910 – 1993 and Provincial Gazettes from 1910 – 1994.

Bill Tracker

A structured overview of the entire parliamentary catalogue and associated legislative processes.

Parliamentary Documents

Access to draft bills and other documents sourced from parliament.

Customised Monitoring Service

An early warning service for industry-specific legislative changes and developments.

Parliamentary Monitoring

Parliamentary monitoring provides you with the Parliamentary documents for your specific chosen fields of interest. Daily emails ensure you are kept abreast of the ever changing legislative environment that impacts your business.

Topic Libraries

Sabinet Labour

Reported and unreported labour and pension fund judgments.