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Sabinet Artificial Intelligence (AI) Statement

All Sabinet’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives are guided by the following principles and aims:

  • To adhere to the fair, responsible, and ethical usage of AI technologies.
  • Not to purport any form of discrimination nor the violation of any privacy, copyright, patent or trademark laws. Please see our full Privacy Policy.
  • To adhere to relevant AI-related governing laws, regulations, and laws for our industry and territory.
  • To endeavour to clearly indicate AI-generated content on our platforms.
  • To endeavour to guide AI augmentation and evaluate AI-generated content in conjunction with human judgment and oversight.
  • To include only relevant Sabinet-hosted content as the basis for AI augmentation,  for which permission to use this content has been obtained from the copyright owners. No other external sources will be used during AI augmentation unless specifically stated.
  • To advise users, through disclaimers, that some unconscious bias may exist in the content used in AI augmentation, and that the onus is on the user to fact check and verify correctness before using any content in any form and that no reliance may be placed on AI-generated content.


Feedback is welcomed to aid us in improving our AI initiatives and can be emailed to