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Apple iPhone 3G

Oct 2, 2008 | Blog, Technology

Apple iPhone 3G, originally uploaded by jaydeep2net.And then the hype died ! After months of anguished waiting, the Apple fanboys finally got what they had wished for: the iPhone 3G was (eventually) launched by Vodacom last week. At least we don’t live in Botswana, Croatia, Jamaica or other pioneering markets, such as Nicaragua and Madagascar who are still waiting.Some, like editor of gadget magazine Stuff, Toby Shapshak are calling it the “Jesus phone”. Others are quite plainly saying “no thanks”.Vodacom says it’s brought 30 000 iPhone’s into the country, but sources say that number is closer to 40 000. It remains to be seen whether this batch will be sold out as has happened in iPhone launches elsewhere.Read the full article here…