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Consolidated National Legislation and Its Internet Future

Nov 8, 2016 | Blog, Industry news

National Legislation Though the phrase ‘information superhighway’ was coined decades ago, it is still a relevant and very accurate description of the Internet. With the number of connected users skyrocketing, the Internet has become the first place people go in order to find information.  This is important for the legal sector not only because it makes it easy for legal practitioners to access consolidated national legislation, but also because it is the first point of reference for people seeking legal services. In the past people may have simply based their searches for legal services on the proximity of the offices or a friend’s referral, and simply hoped that the fees were in line with their budget. Nowadays, however, online users are more informed, and use the Internet to help them find the best services for their requirements. The Internet has Changed EverythingRory MccGwire, the brain behind the Donuts website group, understands that the Internet has changed the way in which consumers contact businesses. And, importantly, he believes that this will soon radically affect the way in which users access the law. MccGwire believes that since consumers are now tending to make more informed choices, they will soon be extremely specific in the type of law firms they choose to contact. They will first inform themselves as to the specifics of their needs and gain some background knowledge on the section of the law they are to access, and then base their decisions regarding law practitioners on their understanding of their needs.  They will, of course, also base their decision on their budgets and whether their desired law firms can operate within those constraints. What This Means for Legal PractitionersThe fact that consumers are now, and will continue to be more informed as to their legal requirements means that legal practitioners need to devote more effort to their online resources. This means more than just marketing themselves through digital channels, although this is a good start. To truly have an impact in an increasingly digital world, legal practitioners need to show consumers that their resources are as abundant as the wealth of information available online. Consolidated National Legislation via NetLawSabinet’s NetLaw helps law practitioners move parts of their services online. Or, if they are exclusively Internet-based, it allows them to conduct all of their research and preparation through one online channel.With a host of benefits, a convenient mobile app, and a wealth of resources and historical documentation, NetLaw is the perfect way for law practitioners to meet the higher demands of informed net users.For information on how to access this world of digital resources, contact Sabinet today.Image credit: