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Genealogy research is enhanced by utilising government and provincial gazettes

Oct 18, 2023 | Uncategorised

Genealogy research is enhanced by utilising government and provincial gazettes.

If you are interested in genealogy research, South African gazettes can be a valuable resource. They contain official government notices, legal announcements, and other documents that can provide insights into family histories and ancestral connections. Sabinet Retrospective Gazettes offers gazetted information from 1910 to 1993. You can find the historic gazetted information you need quickly and easily through Sabinet Discover, without having to sift through thousands of hard-copy documents.

Sabinet Retrospective Gazettes contain a variety of information that can help you piece together family relationships and timelines. Information contained in notices about sequestrations can contain details about land sales, transfers, and allocations which can help trace the ownership of ancestral properties. The Retrospective Gazettes also offer insights into family wealth and relationships.

If any family members legally changed their names, these changes are documented in the Retrospective Gazettes, providing important clues for genealogists. Gazette naturalization notices related to immigration can contain names, birth dates, country of origin, arrival dates, and details about individuals entering the country to apply for citizenship.

Notices about government official appointments, awards, and positions can provide insights into the public service contributions of family members. Information about business registrations, bankruptcies, partnerships, and other commercial activities can shed light on the entrepreneurial endeavours of ancestors. Notices related to bankruptcies, unclaimed monies and other legal matters might include names and details about family members involved in these proceedings.

To access South African gazettes from 1910 to 1993 for genealogical research, go to Additionally, Sabinet also provides digitised versions of government and provincial gazettes from 1995 to date, making it easier to search for and access the information you need. Visit Sabinet Discover for Online South African Gazetted information – made simple.