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How big is yours ?

Aug 17, 2009 | Blog, Technology

Sony_Microvault_16GbI took delivery of my Sony Microvault 16Gb USB memory stick last week. Although there are bigger sticks available, such as 32Gb, I tend to go with the popular brands. I suppose it makes no difference. There is no moving parts so it is unlikely that it will get damaged. Internet shopping sites in South Africa indicate the price at approx ZAR 625.00. Not bad for 16Gb worth of capacity. But it is only a third the price of a 1.5 Tb SATA drive as opposed to being almost a hundredth of the disks capacity. I know – its unfair to compare the two. But I am amazed at the differences in price between the various storage media types. The one that still boggles my mind is the difference in price between Compact Flash and SD memory cards. Compact Flash is almost always more expensive. Does the data transfer speed affect the price ? I am just happy that I can copy 3500 MP3 songs at a time onto my Sony USB stick. That is 10 days worth of continious music played through my USB  compatible car radio…