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Increase resilience through digitisation

Mar 30, 2022 | Articles

COVID-19 has presented one of the most formidable challenges to government, businesses, and society. As a result, agile solutions are important to establish sustainability for the future challenges to come – encompassing long-term operational resilience.

Maintain productivity while keeping it safe and economically sustainable – Sabinet’s Digitisation Solutions puts you and your organisation in a stronger position to ensure steady business operations when social separation and work-from-home is now the ‘next-normal’. 

How it’s done and the costs incurred

The scanning needed to convert physical materials to digital form is done carefully and, throughout the process, clients can rest assured of the safety of their goods with an experienced team and the latest technology.

Furthermore, the Digitisation team will:

  • Address your various sizes and material type.
  • Add metadata to increase discoverability of your scanned files.
  • OCR scanned documents to increase efficiency by making your files searchable.
  • Enable output of the scanned document in various formats (e.g. PDF).
  • Advise on how to approach your digitisation needs (where to start and how to do it cost effectively).

Depending on budgetary constraints, the following approaches can be taken:

  • Cutting a book’s spine to loosen pages (for easier scanning).
  • Cutting the spine and then re-binding after the scan.
  • Scanning the book as is – a process which takes extra time and care.

The end result – that of a 1:1 preserved digital copy – empowers your organisation or department to absorb and adjust to the encounters of the COVID-19 pandemic successfully and, by definition, remain resilient.

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