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Labour Products Course Outline

Duration: One and a half-hour online course presented: from 9:00 – 10:30

Databases Covered: Bargaining Council Agreements, Labour Judgements and CCMA Awards

Target group

Learners participating in this course are assumed to have basic computer and Windows literacy. Learners will include advanced information seekers and researchers pursuing legal information related to Labour matters.

Objectives of the course

The objective of the session is to promote the understanding of where and how to look for Legal Information using Sabinet’s reliable range of Legal Products. The range of products covered in this course includes Bargaining Council Agreements, Labour Judgements and CCMA Awards.

Topics covered

1. Overview of databases

1.1. In-depth detail of each of the above database’s content
1.2. Coverage of each database
1.3. The main use of each database

2. Interface

2.1. Navigational Buttons
2.2. Explanation of different panes
2.3. Various hyperlinks

3. Searching

3.1. Basic search
3.2. Advanced Search
3.3. Exact Phrase Search
3.4. Search within Results
3.5. New/Clear Current search
3.6. Searchable parts of the item
3.7. Save Search/Create Alert
3.8. List Searching
3.9. Sorting results
3.10.  Filter results
3.11.  Add to Action list
3.12.  Download file
3.13.  Add to My Briefcase

4. Advanced Search Strategies

4.1. Boolean
4.2. Proximity
4.3. Truncation
4.4. Wildcards and plurals

5. Viewing of Records/Results

5.1. Viewing Full Text in different formats
5.2. Navigating between search results
5.3. Share
5.4. Print item
5.5. Add to action list
5.6. My Briefcases
5.7. Explore linked content

6. Questions and Answers