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Sabinet African Journals: Who Benefits from Online Medical Journals?

Jul 15, 2019 | Blog, Products

Online Medical JournalsScholarly articles published in online medical journals are subject to the same scrutiny and peer-reviews as those published in physical form. They thus offer writings that are well-researched and relevant, but their digital format makes them much more accessible. This clearly benefits readers, who are able to focus their searches to find relevant articles almost instantaneously.But, in addition to end-users, who benefits from online medical journals? The following are a few other parties to whom online medical journals are thoroughly advantageous.

Here Is Who Feels the Advantages of Online Medical Journals

Essentially, the benefits of online publications are so great that everyone in the chain of production, distribution, and consumption feels the effects. But, to elaborate, here is how they feel the benefits:

1. Authors

The actual writing process for authors differs very little regardless of whether their work is to be published on paper or online. The main difference arises in the fact that digital publishing allows authors to have their work read by a far greater audience. Because of the ease of access of online scholarly articles, authors could potentially have their work read by many more readers than they would if their work was to be strictly physically published.

2. Publishers

Publishing online is not without its costs, but those costs are decidedly less than those of physical publishing. The printing equipment and supplies can be removed from the equation, as can the distribution costs. Even if physical publication is still a necessity, printing fewer issues and supplementing these with digital issues will still result in considerable savings.

3. Libraries

Maintaining subscriptions to a wide variety of physical medical journals can prove costly to libraries. But, with the reduced cost of medical journals, libraries can offer more content while turning a bigger profit.Furthermore, libraries must consider the issue of storage of historical issues. When storage space is depleted, libraries must choose between ridding themselves of older issues and taking on document storage solutions at a cost. With digital issues, however, this is not a factor.

4. Readers

As we mentioned, ePublished medical journals offer readers a great many benefits. First and foremost, access is greatly increased when readers simply need a device with an internet connection. Readers can also use cross-referencing tools and precision search to pinpoint the exact information they need and find it quickly. Add to this the fact that they can do all of this from mobile devices and online medical journals become, understandably, very attractive to readers.

How Can You Benefit from Online Medical Journals?

If you are an author, publisher, library, or reader, you now have a better understanding of how you stand to benefit from ePublishing. But, how do you begin reaping those benefits? The answer is Sabinet!We are poised to help both those on the publishing end and those on the subscription end. So, to begin your journey into ePublishing, be sure to contact us today.