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Sabinet African Journals Course Outline

Duration: 2-hour online course presented from 9:00 – 11:00

Databases Covered: Sabinet African Journals platform: All electronic journals Target group Learners participating in this programme are assumed to have basic computer and Windows literacy. Learners will mainly include serious information seekers needing information for reasons such as research, studies, market expansion, personal upliftment etc.

Objectives of the course

The Sabinet African Journals service is the most comprehensive searchable collection of full-text African electronic journals available on one platform. The services focus on information originating from or pertaining to Africa.

Topics covered

1. Overview of platform

1.1. In-depth detail of each of the platform
1.2. Coverage and content available

2. Interface

2.1. Navigational Buttons
2.2. Explanation of different panes
2.3. Various hyperlinks

3. Searching

3.1. Basic search
3.2. Advanced Search
3.3. Refine a search
3.4. New search
3.5. Searchable parts of the item

4. Advanced Search Strategies

4.1. Boolean
4.2. Proximity
4.3. Truncation
4.4. Wildcards

5. Viewing of Records/Results

5.1. Brief and full display formats of results
5.2. Navigating between search results

6. Selecting, Printing, E-mailing, and Sharing of results

6.1. Email/Recommend button
6.2. Add to Favourites button
6.3. Export Citations button
6.4. Download citations
6.5. Print display button
6.6. Various social media buttons

7. Registering and using your personal profile

7.1. My Personal details
7.2. My subscription
7.3. Redeem voucher
7.4. Alerts
7.5. Favourites
7.6. Saved searches

8. Assessment of competence 

8.1. Hands-on exercises
8.2. Discussion of hands-on exercises