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Specialised Reference Databases

Mar 28, 2023 | Articles

Discover a World of Information with Sabinet’s Specialised Reference Databases and Journal Offerings

Specialised reference databases refer to a collection of in-depth information on one or more particular areas of study. Information is clearly and specifically indexed within specialised reference databases so that users can quickly and efficiently find the resources and citations that they are looking for. Specialised reference databases are used in both academic and professional settings, offering users the ease of accessing knowledge and information in a few simple steps. Reputable reference databases and journals from Sabinet’s one-stop portal have several important advantages for users; these include:

  • Authoritative, accurate information: The articles loaded onto Sabinet’s databases and journals have been thoroughly researched and peer-reviewed, ensuring that the information is highly accredited and fact-checked. This gives users peace of mind that they’re accessing reliable content.
  • Specifically tailored to specialised fields: Our databases are tailored towards specific industries and fields, making searching for content an even easier feat. Sabinet’s journals and databases cover a wide range of topics, from politics and architecture to economics and science. Explore a vast range of reputable articles pertaining to numerous fields of study.
  • Full-text access available: Access a wide range of full-text resources, perfect for academic and professional research, many of which are available via our Open Access

Explore Sabinet’s Specialised Reference Databases

Sabinet’s specialised reference databases offer users a single access point for a plethora of information. We have a wide range of national and international information available, carefully indexed for user ease. Users will be able to access numerous citations and a vast range of research conducted in South Africa via SACat Plus, a catalogue held by local libraries updated on a daily basis. Search specific databases and dates for added ease.

Our specialised reference database system comprises two portals, namely South African Citations and SACat Plus. Discover what these portals entail:

South African Citations:

  • ISAP (Index to South African Periodicals): This specialised reference database includes special index periodical literature that has been maintained by the National Library of South Africa.
  • Kovsidex: Includes a wide range of literature around education, compiled primarily by the Research Institute for Education Planning from the University of the Free State.
  • Centre for Rural Legal Studies: This contains research related to agricultural workers and agriculture on commercial farms in South Africa from 1901 to 2011.
  • ArchUP: A wide range of architectural information from the University of Pretoria’s Architecture Department is indexed.
  • SAGEOLIT: A specialised reference database containing geo-scientific journals and information.
  • We also host several other databases, including The Concrete Institute (a technical database relating to concrete and cement), Mintek (focussed on the dairy industry), and Forestry (involves forestry, nature conservation, and wood science from research conducted in South Africa, Europe, the USA, South America, and Australasia.)

SACat Plus

This database offers users bibliographic information relating to research stored in libraries across South Africa and includes:

  • SACat: A database of various items held in South African libraries, including journals, books, conference proceedings, technical reports, standards, and more.
  • SANB: A database of materials published within South Africa, including government publications, pamphlets, books, technical reports, and maps.
  • UCTD: This database contains records and bibliographical information of doctoral and master’s level theses and dissertations which have been submitted to South African universities since 1918.
  • Navtech: Information pertaining to current and past research undertaken within South African technikons.
  • Current and completed research: Research projects undertaken in the fields of science, economics, and humanities. This includes academic dissertations, government research, works by NGOs and data from the private sector.

Sabinet is your personal treasure trove of information published in and about South Africa and the continent at large. We have publications dating back 112 years, offering users a comprehensive overview of South African scholarship.

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