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Things I want for Christmas

Oct 26, 2009 | Blog, Technology

This weekend I spotted the first Christmas decorations in the shopping malls. The silly season is officially upon us. Browsing the net alerted me to a number of nifty new gadgets that are available. My kids are still trying to persuade me to get them a Sony PSP3. I on the other hand would rather use the money to get me a Garmin Forerunner Running GPS and heart-rate monitor. At my age its best to check what the heart is doing during strenuous exercise :-)Anyway, while looking at the prices of all these toys I was reminded that over a period of several years there has always been nice electronic appliances, tools and gadgets that I wanted but which always remained out of reach due to the washing machine and microwave oven (or any of the household appliances required in the medium household). 🙂 Of all my audiophile fantasies the Black Widow Vacuum Tube amplifier and a set of KEF Reference Series speakers always topped the list. In the end I sadly had to settle on a (now 15 year old) Proton Amplifier with matching speakers. It still gets the neighbors upset when I light it up with my Dire Straits (DDD – do you remember this CD audio recording classification), Brothers in Arms CD.So – it was interest that I noted Fatman’s new “iTube ValveDock Carbon Edition 2”. What a sleek looking device. And very pretty with those exposed vacuum tubes. Let the good times roll…Visit the Fatman Website for more information on this slick looking amplifier and iPod dock… Take a look at their speakers too. Very pleasing aesthetics…RegardsHennie