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Labour Law Research and Journals

Oct 1, 2022 | Articles

4 Top Labour Law Journals to Support Your Research

Whether as a consultant, employee representative, journalist, student or attorney, you will appreciate the extensiveness of Sabinet African Journals’ online collection for legal research. The collection spans over 600 journal titles, enabling you to find information through an easily accessible and user-friendly platform. Below is a short introduction to some titles relevant to labour law issues.

  1. African Human Rights Law Journal

Worker’s rights, fair treatment, dignity, fresh air, freedom, access to education, and having a political voice are inherent human rights. However, widespread corruption on the African continent, discrimination, poverty, displacement, and human trafficking are among the issues that remain unsolved.

Although these issues are not new or limited to the African continent, the unique circumstances, political systems, and economic situations present in African countries call for information specifically relevant to the continent.

The publication offers comprehensive information on the developments of human rights and interpretations thereof as relevant to the continent. It is published twice annually and covers topics ranging from labour issues to child rights, among others. It is a peer-edited publication and an important information source for scholars, also as related to labour law issues.

An example of a recent article published in the journal is “A legally-binding instrument on business and human rights: Implications for the right to development in Africa” by Tamo Atabongawung, as published online on 10 November 2021. The title forms part of the subscription-based collection, though you can access the full-text article and download it on a pay-per-view and download basis.

2. African Journal of Employee Relations

The title replaces the South African Journal of Labour Relations. Published by the UNISA School of Management Sciences and Graduate School of Business Leadership, it covers employee relations in depth and is one of the foundational sources of information regarding worker’s rights, employer’s rights, and the management of work relationships in South Africa. Topics include the right to strike, job retrenchments, the power of coaching in the workplace, the effect of rewards on performance, and much more. It addresses several Human Resources topics as well. The title also forms part of the subscription-access collection.

View the abstract of an article exploring employee perceptions on retrenchments within the mining industry (published on 1 July 2021) for insight into the types of articles included in this journal.

  1. The Obiter

The journal forms part of the Open Access collection. This means you can access the full-text articles without subscribing or using the pay-per-view or download system. The publication covers a broad range of legal topics and is especially useful for topical research. The fully accredited journal is published three times a year under the auspices of the Nelson Mandela University.

The article “Achieving Gender Neutrality in Contracts,” by Michele van Eck (published on 1 April 2022), is an example of the topics covered as related to human rights and labour law in South Africa.

  1. Without Prejudice

Forming part of the subscription-based or pay-per-view collection, the monthly corporate law journal is applicable to company executives, consultants, HR managers, attorneys, and students alike. It offers an extensive range of articles packed with practical guidance related to commercial law aspects. Ten of the leading corporate law firms in South Africa support the publication, speaking to its credibility.

An example of an employment-related article is “The fired firefighter – the ConCourt weighs in,” written by Wingfield, C. and Coetzer, N. (published 1 June 2022). The articles discuss the issue of unfair discrimination related to a disability, among other important matters.

Why Make Use of Sabinet’s Platform for Labour Law? Labour Law

With 24 hours’ access to an extensive range of legal, scholarly, and scientific journals and publications, the platform offers you a central point of information access. The publications forming part of the collection are accredited and in high standing. As such, one of the important research requirements of credible sources is already met when using this platform for information access.

You have access to a full range of research materials with the necessary bibliographic details available for citation. You can subscribe to specific titles for full access while the Open Access collection is free of charge. The pay-per-view system enables you to choose which articles from the subscription (gated) content you need and allows you to download them for your full use.

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