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The Various Aspects of South African Law

Oct 1, 2022 | Articles

Where to Start Research into the Various Aspects of South African Law

If you’re researching specific aspects of South African law, then our online platform is the ideal starting point. With a comprehensive online collection of 600 plus journal titles, all relevant to Africa, plus thousands of full-text articles, Sabinet African Journals provide the perfect base from which to start your research. This is especially helpful if you’re preparing a literature study as part of your Master’s or Doctorate degree preparation.

Full bibliographic information is available on each title and article, ensuring accurate citation. The comprehensive Open Access division consists of publications to which you have free access to download articles for your research.

You also have access to the bibliographic information on the titles forming part of the subscription (gated) content. To gain full access to a specific collection or title, you need to subscribe. Understandably, you may only need one or two articles from a particular title. To this end, you have access on a pay-per-view basis as well. This enables you to download the articles you need upon payment. The articles are downloadable in PDF format, which means you get the information on your computer for use whenever you need it.

The collection is comprehensive enough to find information on South African law relating to healthcare, conflict resolution, human rights, employee relations, family law, education, science, e-commerce, copyright, patents, trademarks, international relations, civil law, and more.

You can search through the South African Law Collection for journal titles forming part of this comprehensive collection for an overview. Alternatively, type your keyword phrase in the search section to find relevant titles. If you’re just starting your research, it is best to work from broad to narrow. With an overview of titles available, you can search within the specific collection, or across all the collections.

The platform also offers you advanced search functionality. You don’t have to be a librarian or information specialist to get the best results with an advanced search. The platform makes it easy to filter results according to dates, years to cover, authors, collections, and keywords, among others.

If you know the titles of journals or specific articles, you can search accordingly. We recommend that you register for free to get the best value when using the platform. This will enable you to keep track of your searches, documents viewed and downloaded, and more. This offers you a central platform from which you can conduct your research on a particular aspect of South African law.

Below are a few examples of titles related to South African law, giving you an idea of the types of publications that you can access 24/7 from the convenience of your home, office or place of study.

African Human Rights Law Journal in Africa

The journal covers topics related to human rights on the continent. Published twice a year, it addresses topics like child rights, corruption, the right to return to one’s land of origin, and more. It is an accredited and peer-reviewed journal that forms part of the subscription collection. You can also access and download full-text articles from the publication on a pay-per-view basis.

Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly

The quarterly journal is a cornerstone publication for accountants, tax consultants, and corporate attorneys as it covers all aspects related to business tax, corporate governance, and related topics. The journal is well-recognised in the industry as it is also edited by three of the country’s top tax and business consultants. Topics covered range from VAT, remote workers, source of income, exemptions, and the like.

Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History

Published by the Southern African Society of Legal Historians, the bi-annual journal contains peer-reviewed articles. It is one of the core publications to consult for legal history writings, making it a superb source for scholars and historians.

Access a Wealth of Information for Your Research south african laws

Whether you’re looking for peer-reviewed articles on civil, corporate, criminal or constitutional law, our collection can meet your research needs on South African law aspects. The collections are kept current to ensure you have access to previous as well as the latest issues of the various journals. Register for free today and start your research using recognised and credible sources.