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Access National Legislation

Mar 28, 2023 | Articles

Access National Legislation via Sabinet’s NetLaw Portal

Much like society itself, national legislation is ever-changing. Rather than being static entities void of transformation, laws are constantly modified as society changes and adapts. Keeping abreast with national legislation and any changes or amendments is fundamental for those in the legal sector and beyond.

One of the fundamental roles of parliament is to pass new laws, change existing ones, and repeal outdated legislation that no longer serves the country and its constituents. So how can citizens and legal professionals keep up to date with this ever-fluctuating field? They utilise the accurate and comprehensive Sabinet NetLaw portal.

Sabinet’s Head of Product, Sanet Vos, understands the complexity of staying current with changing national legislation by sharing that “staying up to date with current legislation can be quite daunting, yet it is essential for every industry. Sabinet’s National Legislation (NetLaw) service provides users with instant access to South African legislation, sharing information that is accurate, timely, reliable and current.”

Provincial Legislation updates and documents online

NetLaw is a specialised national legislation service, a database that makes all South African legislation dating back to 1910 accessible to the public. It offers digitised information, including consolidated acts, rules and regulations.

Why Sabinet’s NetLaw is a Must for Monitoring National Legislation

When you sign up to Sabinet’s NetLaw portal, you are guaranteed the latest legislative information. Users will enjoy the following services and benefits.

  • A user-friendly platform: Our platform is hassle-free as it allows users to easily search for the latest legislation and find what they’re looking for. Moreover, they can personalise their accounts and add notes as needed or even group topics together for quick reference.
  • Alphabetical and chronological categorisation: We prioritise our clear and effective indexing systems, ensuring that users can search legislation by date, category, and letter.
  • Updated email alerts: Users will receive email alerts when legislation changes take place. Check out the ‘What’s New’ section on our page to explore legislative developments as they unfold.
  • NetLaw newsletter: Users will also get the NetLaw newsletter in their inbox with an overview of any new amendments or changes. This means that you and your organisation will always be in the know when it comes to legal updates, especially if they pertain to your sector.

Whether you’re a legal professional who needs to keep ahead of legal changes, a seasoned entrepreneur who needs to monitor amendments for your organisation or a legal or historical scholar who requires access to legal data for research purposes, NetLaw offers a wealth of knowledge with current information on national legislation and associated amendments.

Sign up to Sabinet and Remain in the Know

Sabinet offers users factually accurate and updated information allowing you to stay ahead of legislative changes that are relevant to you and your organisation.

When you work with Sabinet, you can access information that is:

  • Current: We keep our fingers on the pulse regarding legal changes and amendments.
  • Relevant: Our information is relevant, ensuring that you get the most out of it and can access clear and targeted resources.
  • Authoritative: Our information is reliable and always from reputable and trustworthy sources.
  • Accurate: Our information is checked and audited to ensure that it’s accurate.
  • Purposeful: Our core purpose is to keep society informed by providing public access to comprehensive collections.

NetLaw is part of the larger portal, Sabinet Discover. This database is a hugely beneficial platform for those who need to track legislation. It offers users access to information about legislation from all nine provinces and older data on provincial legislation before 1994. Historical data is essential if we are to understand present-day South Africa and analyse the ways in which society has transformed. Moreover, users can access a plethora of vital legal documentation, including municipal by-laws and more.

The present-day legal landscape is complex and ever-shifting. Sabinet keeps you up to date with national legislation as it changes, ensuring that you’ll never miss out on critical amendments. Sabinet Discover guarantees reliable and accurate information so that you can make informed, legally sound decisions. For more information on our service offerings and databases, get in touch with us or sign up today. We look forward to working with you and providing you with accurate, purposeful, and relevant legal information.