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ADSL Router problems (continued…)

Sep 28, 2009 | Blog, Technology

This is an update to the post I made yesterday about my ADSL problems. Refer to the post for all the detail. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It appears that it was not the Firmware update that caused the problems; but in fact a faulty power-supply. What a coincidence… ?

I got to work yesterday morning and looked up the “Support” details for D-Link on the ZA D-Link website. This is after we (me and my IT co-workers) tried everything to access the management interface on the router. Pieter Jordaan, (Senior UNIX Systems Programmer at Sabinet) suggested we give their support a call. It also just happened that D-Link Support is situated in Highveld Business Park in Centurion. 3 Km’s from work. D-Link answered their “Support” line promptly and suggested we bring the router in so they can have a look at it.

Less than 20 minutes later a faulty power-supply was diagnosed. They replaced it free of charge and updated the firmware to the latest revision. They also replaced the router’s WiFi antennae without any cost. In my book this rates as stunning service.

I had a bit of a battle getting the router configured the way it was. Fortunately help was at hand from Telkom ADSL Support. (0800-375-375). What is neat about this number is that you can program your phone so that it dials you back when your position in the queue opens up. No need to hang on for hours. It took me about 15 minutes to speak to an engineer. Despite the fact that they don’t support the D-Link (so they say) they took me through all the steps to get my router configured and Internet connectivity restored! Polite & efficient support.

All ends well. I am happy !

Hennie Rautenbach