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Business Research Resources: Best Platform for Top Trade Journals

Jul 14, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Business Research Resources: Best Platform for Access to Top Trade Journals

Few small- to medium-sized South African firms can still afford to operate their own information centres for business research. Subscription to trade journals, management of the said subscriptions, filing, and making the content available to the relevant managers is a full-time job, requiring the appointment of at least on special librarian or information specialist. 

In addition, storage of the trade and law journals take up valuable floor space. With commercial property rental calculated per square metre, every firm has to carefully plan the use of the floor plates to minimise the cost-to-company and maximise the income generation capacity per square metre.

How Does Cost Management Affect Business Research?

Partly because of the expenses associated with operating an in-house information centre and storing trade journals, an increasing number of companies have moved away from hard copy journal subscription to electronic copies. Another reason has to do with the growing trend of sustainable operations to minimise the use of paper.

Even so, if every researcher, executive or manager has to subscribe to their preferred journal titles, it adds considerable cost to the company. What is the solution, if any?

Subscribe to The Trade Journals Forming Part of Our Comprehensive Collection

We offer the most extensive of its kind digital collection of African-based journals on the continent. We also have the resources and expertise to ensure every title in our collection is credible. Managers, policymakers, academics, and financial journalists thus have the opportunity to select journal titles to which they want to subscribe and have full access to the content of these subscription-based journals.

The company can subscribe to the entire collection or selected titles. Instead of each manager receiving their own titles, they have access to the electronic information and can download only the articles they need for their business research. The solution thus helps firms to save money without compromising on access to information for their information workers, researchers, and executives.

Whether law, finance, corporate governance, labour, or technology topics are relevant to your firm’s business research needs, you will find our collection of 600 plus titles and over 460 000 full-text articles comprehensive. The collection includes accredited and peer-reviewed titles from reputable publishers.

A closer look at some of the titles relevant to business research provides insight as to the types of trade and academic journal titles in our collection.


The journal was first published in 2000 and is now considered to be one of the leading corporate finance journals, relevant to various business research topics. The quarterly publication focuses on mergers and acquisitions, it is a superb source for information on local and international merger and acquisition trends. Expert opinions are shared by finance practitioners. The Editorial Advisory Board heads the journal made up by member firms such as Bowman Gilfillan, Investec Bank, Webber Wentzel, and Rand Merchant Bank, to name only a few of the highly credible members.

African Finance Journal

The bi-annual publication is a trusted source for information relevant to finance research. The journal provides a balance between empirical and theoretical studies. Papers forming part of the International Bibliography of Social Sciences’ accredited title focus on the subject areas of Finance, Economics and Accounting. Our collection includes from Volume 1 Issue 1 of 1999 until present.

African Journal of Business and Economic Research (AJBER)

The blind-refereed international quarterly journal offers an extensive range of articles from policymakers, business practitioners, and academics on topics relevant to economic research. Its goal is to improve the quality and depth of empirical and theoretical research, create a wider and deeper understanding of how economic decisions affect Africans, and to inform readers about practices and policies. Our collection includes from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2006 to current. 

The above titles are merely examples of the types of journals forming part of our business research and finance collections. Use our search facility for finding article titles and subscribe to titles of interest to enjoy unlimited access to full-text articles.