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Our Comprehensive Collection of Science Journals Relevant to Africa

Aug 20, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Our Comprehensive Collection of Science Journals Relevant to Africa

If you need access to science journals of note, then using our platform that includes the African Journal Archive is essential. With the main collection plus the African Journal Archive containing more than 600 respected titles originating on or relevant to the African continent available 24/7, you have access to the top science journals on a wide range of subject fields.

To give you an indication of the types of titles included in the collection, let’s briefly take a closer look at some of the science journals forming part of the collection.

South African Journal of Chemistry

The annual publication contains original contributions in all areas of chemistry. Contributions range from short communications to critical reviews and papers. Our collection contains Volume 1, Issue 1 of 1918 to the present.

South African Journal of Science

The bi-annual publication forms part of the Open Access collection. The main objective of the publication is to give exposure to South African and African-related research through the inclusion of original research articles. It is relevant to policymakers, scientists, scholars, and educators. With its multidisciplinary character, the publication is relevant to all fields of study. It also provides a platform for discussions regarding developments in higher education and research. It is one of the SciELO and Science Citation Index accredited journals. Our collection contains from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2001 to present.

African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

It is one of the Sabinet hosted journals, only available to sub-Saharan countries. The tri-annual publication aims to make research findings and well-researched articles on science, mathematics, and technology accessible. It contains articles focussed on creating a better understanding of sociocultural issues and curricular policies. It focusses on encouragement of methodological discussions as well. It is one of the journals with accreditation from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Our collection is from Volume 6 of 2002 to present.

Journal of the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) The SAVA journal is an annual publication focussed on the provision of scientific information across all areas of veterinary science. It serves as a platform for researchers, scholars and practitioners for documenting observations and publishing results of studies. It thus serves as a record of knowledge development in the veterinary sciences. It is thus one of the critical journals for reference regarding research in the field. Our collection is from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 1927 to present.

South African Medical Journal

If you are looking for medical science-related information, then this title is one of the most important journals to consider. The monthly publication provides a platform for the publishing of medical research findings in South Africa. It is highly relevant to researchers, medical practitioners, and students in medical-related fields. It forms part of our Open Access collection beginning at Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2003 until the present.

Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM)

It is one of the journals forming part of our African Journal Archive Collection. It is relevant to researchers, engineers, geologists, and scientists working on topics related to mining and metallurgy. Our collection contains titles from 1927 to 2007.

South African Journal of Plant and Soil

A Sabinet hosted publication, only available to sub-Saharan countries, the quarterly publication contains highly credible research papers related to applied plant & soil sciences. The content is of particular importance to scientists, agricultural researchers, academics, and policymakers in South Africa. Our collection contains from Volume 24, Issue 4 of 2007 to present.

The above introduction to some of the science-related journals in our collection serves to show the diversity and quality of publications that are accessible through our online platform. With many more subject fields covered, we thus make it possible to access accredited titles relevant to your particular field of study.

We provide comprehensive bibliographic information on each full-text article and journal title included. This helps you to make an informed decision on which articles to download for your particular study. In addition, we provide the option of Pay-Per-View that allows for downloading of articles from journals to which you have not subscribed. You can also subscribe to a specific field or the entire collection for full access to all the articles in the collection. 

Make use of our search facility or the category option to find science journals of interest and subscribe for the best possible access to information relevant to your field of study.