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Scholarly Articles on Religion Relevant to the African Continent

Aug 25, 2020 | Blog, Company news

We offer access to online journals relevant to Africa on topics ranging from religion to politics, history, science, and law, to name only a few of the subject fields. The service has been available for almost two decades now and is one of the largest and easiest-to-use collections of full-text scholarly articles from top African journals. The focus is on information relevant to or originating on the continent.

As one of the leading information services in the country, our team of professionals ensures the inclusion and indexing of full-text articles in the collection. The searchability of the content is what makes the platform exceptionally useful for universities, corporate firms, government organisations, media houses, churches, academics, students, and independent authors.

The collection is the largest of its kind, evident in the fact that it includes more than 600 titles and as many as 460 000 plus full-text articles. It is an ever-expanding collection, kept current to provide for highly relevant information when needed.

Comprehensive bibliographic information is provided for each publication and full-text article. This includes the year of publication, volume number, whether the journal is still active, the authors, publishers, page numbers, and abstract. With keyword in context indexing, we make it possible to find exact matches for keyword searches.

We also offer filters to narrow down results. It is, for instance, possible to filter results according to the publisher, category, years, and more. You can also search with the top-of-page navigation structure, follow the vertical drill-down method by searching in particular subject fields or specific journal titles.

The collection of African journal titles includes the Open Access African Journal Archive that contains content made available for access and download, free of charge.

Subscription content is searchable with the full bibliographic information for each article but full-text articles are only available to subscribers. However, if you only perform occasional research on specific topics, you can opt for the Pay-Per-View method. This allows you to only pay for the articles you want to download. To gain access to this option, you need to register. This will make it possible to create a profile and keep track of your purchases.


You can subscribe to a specific journal title relevant to your research topic or to, for instance, the entire Religion collection which consists of 33 journals. When you subscribe to the entire collection, you have access to journal titles not specifically on religion, but which contain articles related to the topic.

The subscription option holds several benefits:

  • Ability to download articles in PDF format.
  • Access to the mobile-optimised responsive page design for easy searching and usage of information.
  • Export to citation tools such as Mendeley, End note, Zotero, Refworks etc. is available.
  • Advanced search facility that allows for Boolean operators to ensure exceptionally accurate search results.
  • Full availability of the collection 24/7 from mobile and desktop.
  • Subscription to a title also provides for access to the archive of that title.

Whether subscribed to a title or using the Pay-Per-View option, the articles are available for download in PDF format. As such, you can email or print the articles as needed.

Examples of Religious Journals

To give you an indication of the types of articles you can access on the topic of religion, let’s look at some of the journal titles below.

  • International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF)

The bi-annual journal of the International Institute of Religious Freedom (IIRF) covers issues of religious freedom and persecution of Christians. It is an international, peer-reviewed, and interdisciplinary scholarly journal. The title includes contributions from researchers, book reviews, news on the topic of religion, and documentation.

  • Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship

The interdisciplinary journal is available in English or Afrikaans and contains articles from a wide range of academic research areas. It is a quarterly publication with articles relevant to research about religion on the African continent.

  • Scriptura: Journal for Contextual Hermeneutics in Southern Africa

It is an independent journal that contains articles from researchers on the topics of religion, theology, and the Bible. The journal has an international scope, although it contains many contributions relevant to Southern Africa. The annual journal is published in several languages relevant to the southern African region.

Register and subscribe for access to the full-text articles from the mentioned and many other journals that cover African religion topics.