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Get 24-Hour Access to Top African Journals for Research Purposes

Sep 7, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Are you looking for a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed and accredited journal articles for South African research? Do you require in-depth discussions of clinical trials or need access to full-text articles relevant to labour law? If you have answered “yes” on one of the questions, then you will appreciate the convenience of our 24-hour platform for African research.

We offer several collections that can be accessed through the convenient online platform. With over 600 African journal titles and more than 460 000 full-text articles relevant to various topics, we are able to meet your research information needs. The collections include, but are not limited to:

The African Journal Archive is an open access platform for access to literature titles dating from 1906 to present. Whether you want information for a historical overview or require the most recent scholarly articles in your subject field, our collection does not disappoint.

Several Ways to Find Information

Regardless of how comprehensive a database is, if the information is not searchable and easy to retrieve, then it is simply a depot of data without value. 

To this end, we index the articles to include full bibliographic information, inclusive of citations. In addition, each article includes an abstract and the main keyword list. When you thus retrieve bibliographic information, you can gain immediate insight as to the relevance of the titles.

We offer various methods to locate African journal titles for your research purposes. Such include, but are not limited to:

  • Search across all content in the collection
  • Advanced search
  • Search a specific collection
  • Search within a journal
  • Browse by topic
  • Use the top-of-page structure for browsing by collection
  • Use the alphabetical index of journals to find specific journal titles

The easy-to-use search bar can be used to find authors, journal titles, article titles, or all documents that pertain to the specific keyword phrase. For highly accurate search results, use the advanced search option with Boolean operators to include only results where a specific combination of terms are found in the documents or titles. You can use filter options to filter results according to date range, author, and more. Once at a journal title, you can search for research information relevant to your topic in the particular journal.

If you simply want to gain an overview of the titles available, use the collections, journal title index, or topic groupings to find your way through the collection.

Open Access 

With a comprehensive range of African journal titles in the Open Access part of the collection, you already have free access to highly relevant and superbly researched articles – simply register as a user. This is a hassle-free process. Once registered, you can select Open Access articles to download. The articles can be downloaded in PDF format.

Pay-Per-View Access 

The alternative is to subscribe to a specific journal title, selected titles, a collection, or the entire collection. The subscription gives you access to the full-text articles in all the journal titles or collections to which you have subscribed.

The pay-per-view option is an affordable means to access specific articles for once-off or occasional research. For long-term, regular, or multiple-topic research, we recommend the subscription option. This is, by far, the most cost-effective solution for companies, law firms, medical centres, colleges, and academic researchers.

What Makes Our Platform Perfect for Research?

It is a well-maintained and highly accessible collection of credible information sources for research purposes. Reasons for its usefulness include:

  • Accessible from mobile devices, laptops, and computers
  • Collection is available 24/7
  • Accessible from anywhere through an Internet connection
  • Product support 
  • Several ways to search
  • Ever-growing collection of full-text articles in African journals
  • Subscription-based and pay-per-view options
  • Includes the Open Access collection
  • Bibliographic information for citation

In Conclusion

Instead of having to conduct several searches through conventional search engines to locate specific database collections, use a single platform to access highly relevant African journal titles for your research. Get in touch to learn more about our affordable subscription options and register as a user.