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How to Gain Cost-Effective Access to Journals Relevant to Research

Sep 14, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Regardless of the subject field or topic of study, comprehensive journal research is essential for a literature study. The same applies for any research to be conducted for the writing of a peer-reviewed article. To this end, our platform provides a one-stop online facility to find bibliographic information, journal titles, and full-text articles on a wide range of topics.  

You can thus rely on the largest resource for African journal titles to meet your information needs, whether for academic, law, medical, or individual author research purposes. We also provide a list of the most read articles together with a list of the latest additions.

An example of the type of information that can be accessed is briefly noted below, helping to provide insight as to the quality of the content available for research purposes.

“The South African public service and the ethical problematiques: the discipline and practice – talking different tongues – research” by M.P. Sebola with affiliation to the University of Limpopo. The article was published in the African Journal of Public Affairs, Volume Number 10 on 4 December 2018 (pages 57-67). An abstract is also given to provide information as to the focus of the article. In this instance, the topic of discussion is about the problem posed by unethical conduct within the public service and the delivery of services.

Search and Platform Usage Options

The above and other well-researched and peer-reviewed articles can be accessed through the platform. The extensive collection of more than 500 African journal titles can be searched through the basic and advanced search facilities, using keywords and filters. You can also use the top-of-page navigation structure and subject categories to locate titles.

Articles in journals within the Open Access collection can be accessed and downloaded free of charge once you have registered as a user. For full-text article access from subscription-based titles in the collection, you have the options of pay-per-view or subscription.

With the first option, you can view the bibliographic information of article titles. To download the articles, register as a user and select the payment option. Once paid, the articles can be downloaded in PDF format for usage. 

The subscription option makes it possible to subscribe to specific titles, journal titles in a subject field, or the entire collection. You have full access to the titles or collections to which you subscribe and can download the full-text articles.

Our collection is ever expanding and thus stays relevant to contemporary research. We also offer the African Journal Archive that is an open access service. It contains African journal literature from 1906 to current articles from various publishers in Africa. The project, sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, enables us to make this collection available to you and your users.

To gain an overview of all the titles that form part of our comprehensive subscription and open access collections, we recommend using the A-Z index facility. You can also use the navigation facility to locate a specific title.

For subject field-based research, use the collection navigation at the top of the page to find titles in fields, such as law, business and finance, religion, medicine, and more. You can also use the A-Z Publications navigation to find only accredited titles for scholarly research.

Why Register?

Registration is free and recommended. It enables you to create a profile and save your favourites and subscribed titles. We recommend downloading the user guide for quick reference and help to get the best value from using the platform.

Why Subscribe?

  • Fully searchable articles in PDF format
  • Mobile-optimised responsive design
  • Integration possible with Altmetric, Crossref, PayPal, and many more
  • Advanced search functionality to ensure more focused and accurate results
  • Easy to use and accessible anytime and anywhere
  • When subscribing to a title, users will have full access to the archive available for that title

Where to Get More Information

Get in touch for more information on specific journal or collection subscription for gaining access to comprehensive information for your research.