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Light it up: What the cannabis laws actually means for your business.

Sep 16, 2020 | Blog, Company news

A storm of misinformation is being shared widely online as people seek reliable and accurate information. With the Constitutional Court judgment legalising the private use of cannabis, the Bill regulating Cannabis for Private Purposes has been introduced. Since then, a lot of confusion started rolling in as to what exactly this Bill entails and what it means for us, as South Africans. What does the cannabis laws actually mean for your business?

Regardless of your position, whether you’re based in the health industry (either private or public); a researcher trying to find their way at an academic institution (based locally or even internationally); somebody trying to understand legislation from a corporate perspective; or simply someone in service of government (both South African or international); it’s incredibly important to remain relevant when it comes to information that has the potential to not only change dramatically, but quickly too. 

Sometimes the sheer amount of information that’s out there can be enough to confuse users and, with the wealth of information which has appeared recently, Sabinet is hoping to curtail any potential confusion through its Customised Monitoring Services (CMS).

As part of our CMS offering for cannabis, Sabinet aims to provide its users with clarity surrounding guidelines on medical use, personal use, agricultural information regarding cultivation of the plant, as well as any movement with regards to Government and its ruling on the subject. 

What makes this service even more indispensable is that the early-warning service covers all legislation impacted by the new cannabis legislation, giving you piece of mind that you would be notified in any event of any legislation impacted by these new laws. 

Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services analyses 1000 newspaper articles related to parliament and 179 government media statements per month, 200 Gazette notices per week, 36 parliamentary committees and 26 government departments a day, to select only the information that will help you advance your business.

Sabinet, a renowned provider of online legal information offers an assortment of reliable, up-to-date and accurate legal information services is cognisant of our role as your eyes and ears, we use professional sources to certify unbiased and objective reporting.

This service lets you stay up to date with the latest legislation as well as the potential impacts of not being compliant with the law. Sign up to receive Cannabis related legislative and policy summaries with links to the relevant document sent straight to your inbox.