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Document Processing and Digitisation

Jan 28, 2023 | Articles

The Advantages of Document Processing and Digitisation Services with Sabinet 

At Sabinet, our focus is on facilitating access to information. In the digital age, more businesses and institutions are adding greater value and efficiency to their work by digitising documentation with reputable document processing specialists like us.

So, what exactly are digitisation and document processing, and how might they benefit corporate organisations and academic institutions?

Digitisation is the procedure whereby documents are converted from physical hardcopy formats to online, digital ones and then stored on a secure digital database. The method of digitising documents allows companies to store all their important information in one place, further ensuring that vital records remain safe and secure. When our documentation processing specialists process the uploaded documentation, they further streamline the operation by tagging documents according to their category. This processing step makes it easier to find and organise documents accordingly.

Document processing and digitisation have a myriad of benefits for businesses. Successful digitisation can significantly enhance various business operations, streamline efficiency and time, and save companies a great deal of money.

5 Advantages to Document Processing and Digitisation 

The advantages of digitising documents are abundant when you work with Sabinet.

  1. Greater accessibility: When businesses and institutions work with professional document processing specialists and digitise their work, documentation becomes more accessible to a broader audience if they so choose. Information is no longer solely restricted to those who are located within a specific office or geographical vicinity. Rather, information and documentation can be shared online with those who are granted access. In the modern era of remote working, this has been a lifesaver for many companies working with employees in diverse regional locations. Moreover, if documentation includes images, maps, or more sizeable documents, these can be shared easily too.
  2. Profitability: Many official documents also hold great commercial value. When digitised by document processing experts, documents, articles, essays, books, maps, gazettes, and PDFs offer companies the opportunity to generate new income streams. When you work with the document processing specialists at Sabinet, you’ll gain access to our professional content management system, whereby it becomes easy to share your online collections with various stakeholders and paying clients.
  3. Preservation and protection: Digitisation solutions mean that hardcopy documents retain their quality as they aren’t handled as often. Since digital copies of documents can be shared online with multiple people, original copies can remain safe or even locked away. This is particularly important when it comes to older documentation that is more prone to light damage and general wear and tear. Sabinet works hard to preserve documents quickly and has handled numerous precious records, including rare manuscripts, loose-leaf pages, old photographs, and fragile items.
  4. Mitigate disaster: Unfortunately, hard copies of documents are vulnerable to a plethora of potential catastrophes and accidents, including fires, floods, theft, misplacement, or even a spilt cup of coffee. Happily, digitised solutions can be stored securely on an online database, meaning that they are safe from any disaster.
  5. Searchability: Digitisation broadens your organisation’s searchability to a wider audience and enhances the ease with which employees can internally search company documents. Thanks to document processing, resources are easy to find with the mere click of a button and a few keywords. Our meta-data options allow for easy document retrieval since we index documents according to various categories such as origin, date, access, creator, geographical location, and time.

Choose Sabinet for Professional Document Processing

Document processing can be a lengthy and tedious process, adding hours, if not days and weeks to an already strenuous workload. Thankfully, when you work with Sabinet, you will save money, time, and do your part for the environment, since all important work can be accessed via the cloud. With well over twenty years of knowledge and insight into the world of digitisation and document processing, we are versed in processing information and digitising documents so that your organisation thrives.

Companies are increasingly choosing digital transformation as they strive to keep up with the technological age. Join the proverbial wagon today and ensure that all your documents are stored securely. We digitise around 13000 pages each day for numerous sectors, including academic institutions, law firms, government departments, and corporate entities.

Get in touch with us and we will gladly be of service. Choose a package based on your budget and let our team do the rest.