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Free Access to Sabinet African Archives Index 

Nov 6, 2023 | Blog

Free Access to Sabinet African Archives Index 

Africa has a rich and diverse history, but its archives are often scattered and difficult to access. As a result, much of Africa’s history is at risk of being lost. Archives are essential for understanding the past, and they can also be used to inform the present and future. For example, archives can be used to: 

  • Research social, economic, and political history: Archives provide a wealth of information about past events and trends. This information can be used to study topics such as religion, colonialism, independence movements, and economic development. 
  • Preserve cultural heritage: Archives contain a wide range of cultural materials, such as traditional stories, songs, and dances. These materials are important for preserving and promoting African culture. 
  • Support education and research: Archives are a valuable resource for students and researchers. They can be used to learn about African history, culture, and society. 
  • Promote democracy and good governance: Archives can be used to hold governments accountable and to promote transparency and accountability. 


Sabinet African Archives Index is a growing online consolidated index of thousands of African archives as well as special collections consisting of manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, articles, and more, to researchers with an interest in Africa. Registered myDiscover users on Sabinet Discover can access the Index for free. Sabinet African Archives Index is a valuable resource for anyone interested in finding Africa’s rich and diverse history and culture through its archives.  

By digitising African archives for collection holders, Sabinet aims to assist in the preservation of  this important heritage for future generations. 

Sabinet offers archive holders a turnkey digitisation solution which also includes hosting services. 

Making your physical and printed materials available electronically not only increases discoverability of your collection but also offers easy access to your content while preserving these important materials for years to come. 

With over 25 years of digitisation experience, we have gained significant expertise which enables us to help you minimise your costs in this endeavour.  

Benefits include: 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) digitisation services are available to generate searchable, full-text electronic documents for your archive  
  • Easy sharing of digitised content   
  • Digitisation of documents can be done on-site at our facility or off-site at yours  
  • Project scope, duration and costs are tailored to meet your budget and needs  


If you have an archive, consider digitising it with Sabinet. This will help to preserve your archive and make it more accessible to users around the world.