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Where Graduates Can Practice Their Legal Services

Jul 15, 2016 | Blog, Products

Legal Services | SabinetLaw students entering the legal services field face a difficult question when graduating, such as finding the right law firm to work for. You could be attracted by a firm’s high-profile cases; their numeration offers or simply the location.The choice should be made while studying and specialising in a certain field. If the dream is representing a high profile case, then criminal law is the field you should dedicate your efforts to. However, if you enjoy working with real estate dealings, then consider becoming a solicitor.Students are provided the opportunity to choose their field during their term, but choosing a specific law firm does become difficult once graduating. Here are some considerations:


Where you wish to be located is just as important as the activity of the surrounding environment. There is not much point in practicing criminal law before deciding to immigrate to Luxembourg – a country with one of the lowest murder crime statistics in the world. Choose an area that can provide the combination of catering to your needs along with providing good quality of life.

Firm Size

The concept of a large firm might be appealing to you. Corporate offices, a desk with a view and your own personal parking spot. Working for a large firm is a great choice that can see your career hit new heights, but joining a smaller firm does also have its benefits. Hard work, skill and dedication is easier to recognise with lawyers practicing in smaller firms. In fact, some of the best legal services South Africa ever offered came from representatives from smaller firms.

Trainee opportunities

Most of the law firms in South Africa feature some sort of trainee programme for law students and graduates. Part-time filing at a law firm might not seem appealing for any student, but the knowledge and experience gained can help later on. Finding a part-time solution is also a great step towards making the right choice.Whether you choose criminal law, solicitation or opt to specialise in another legal field, make sure that you are passionate about your profession. This will ensure that you perform at your best with an attitude to match! Image credit: