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How to Access Journal Articles on the South African Legal History

Mar 11, 2020 | Blog, Company news

We offer a comprehensive selection of journals and articles relevant to the South African legal history. One such example is Fundamina.

Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History

Published biannually by the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Fundamina is the leading journal for articles on South African legal history. It is the published voice of the Southern African Society of Legal Historians. The journal articles are peer-reviewed by highly credible international and national subject experts. Our collection includes everything from Volume 8 of 2002 to the present.

An example of an article published in the journal is that of “The history and nature of the right to institute a private prosecution in South Africa” by Jamil Ddamulra Mujuzi affiliated to the University of the Western Cape. The article was published in Volume 25, Number 1 of 2019 on pages 131 to 169.

The author addresses the issue of the right to private prosecution in South Africa as legislated from 1828. The South African statutory law stated from 1828 to 1976 that a victim of crime in the country could initiate private prosecution.

However, according to South African legal history, this changed with the promulgation of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977, which lists people authorised to institute private prosecutions. The act, however, does not state the right of a victim of crime to institute such private prosecution.

According to South African legal history, the courts have upheld section 7 of the act to give victims of crime the right to initiate private prosecution.

The article takes a closer look at the history of the right to private prosecution. The author then goes on to argue that although it is not an expressed right for the victim of crime that the South African legal history shows that the victim does have the right. The article looks at the limitations of such a right and provides suggestions on how the right can be applied and strengthened.

Annual Survey of South African Law

Our comprehensive journal collection includes several relevant titles and full-text articles. We offer the basic and advanced search facilities to conduct keyword or title searches on topics of relevance. If you are doing research or want access to historical information for a court case, use the search facility to find relevant titles.

We offer an online platform for accessing more than 430 journal titles relevant to Africa and more than 350 000 full-text articles in such journals. You can subscribe to specific journal titles or pay per article that you want to download and print. With this platform, we create a valuable repository of highly credible journals and articles for research on a range of academic and law-related topics. The open-access, pay-per-article option and the subscription-based services make it affordable and easy to gain access to the titles.

Our service offering makes it possible to find articles relevant to topics in the fields of education, law, labour, medicine and health, business and finance, religion, science and technology, and Juta’s Law Collection. You can also use the A-Z collection search option to browse according to title (organised in alphabetical) order. We offer three ways to access content:

Subscription-Based Access

Users of the platform have access to bibliographic information about articles, papers, and journals, in addition to books. However, online access to the full-text articles published in subscription-based journals can only be accessed if you are a subscriber to the collection or the particular journal title. If you want access to the full-text article in a subscription-based journal without being a subscriber, select the pay-per-view option.


With this access model, you can purchase an article in a collection or journal to which you are not a subscriber. Simply choose the purchase option for immediate access. You can download the document in PDF format for offline usage.

Open Access

The articles marked OA can be accessed and downloaded free of charge without requiring a subscription.

Use the search facility to find articles relevant to your topic in the field of South African legal history. Contact us for more information about the subscription options.