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How to Access South African Labour Law Journals Online

Nov 13, 2019 | Blog, Company news

Whether you are a student, lecturer, attorney, or researcher, our collection of journal titles and publications in the field of South African labour law is impressive by any standard.

The online platform provides access to a range of full-text trade and scholarly journals and publications that are highly relevant to South African labour law consultants. The related fields covered include, but are not limited to, human rights and business law.

Our collection contains over 430 titles and more than 350 000 full-text articles from highly credible sources. The focus is on content generated in Africa and/or relevant to the African continent.

A closer look at one of the journal titles in the collection will help you gain an understanding of the usefulness of this research platform.

South African Journal of Labour Relations

This is an annual publication with a distinct academic focus specifically suited for academic research. It contains analysis-based articles, in addition to commentaries, a range of case studies, and results of relevant surveys. It also includes a full spectrum of reports about employment relations relevant to Africa. Various international theories and developments also come under the spotlight. The publication is no longer active under the original title. Published by UNISA, it continues as the South African Journal of Employee Relations.

Using the standard or advanced search facility, you can access results for article titles published in magazines and journals, not necessarily forming part of the labour law collection, but still relevant to the subject field. This also applies to reports and other publications. Some examples are briefly noted below.

  • Employee assistance programmes: employee wellness as published in the Human Capital Management, Volume 2005, Issue 3, 2005/2006 on p.185. The extract from Chapter 11 provides insight regarding the meaning of employee assistance programmes as related to employee wellness.
  • Another example of a title relevant to the field of South African labour law is that of Employee Benefits: FAQs – employee benefits, published in MoneyMarketing, Volume 2018 Number 3, March 2018 on p. 18.
  • A third example is the article titled Dismissed Employee Challenges Dismissal – labour law by Brian van Zyl, published in HR Future, Volume 2018 Number 3, March 2018 on p. 40 to 45. The author argues that a dismissed worker has the right to challenge the employment termination if the employer has failed to keep to the contractual obligations as an alternative or in addition to any claim that such dismissal also constitutes an unfair dismissal in terms of the Labour Relations Act.

Our platform makes it easy to export citations as plain text and in formats suitable for BibT_X, Endnote, Zotero, and RefWorks, as well as Mendeley. You can add specific article or publication titles to your favourites, in addition to creating publication alerts once signed in. The advanced search option includes usage of the Boolean logic to achieve highly accurate search results.

We offer access to our comprehensive collection in the following ways:

  • Subscribed content
  • Open access
  • Pay-per-view

All users have access to the metadata of the content on our platform. Subscription is required to gain online access to the full-text articles and the subscription-based journals.

Content in the open-access part of the collection is marked as OA. Under open access, we offer golden-, green-, and article-level access options to content in the collection.

The pay-per-view option provides you with immediate article access if you are not a subscriber to the subscription-based journal in which the article appears. The article is also downloadable in PDF format. You thus purchase the article for offline use as well.

Join thousands of researchers, students, and legal professionals in using the most comprehensive online collection of African journal titles. Sign up to create your profile and set up alerts for publications relevant to South African labour law.