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Launch of Sabinet’s Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw)

Jun 30, 2016 | Blog, Products

We are pleased to announce the launch of Sabinet’s Provincial Legislation product, Provincial NetLaw.This product currently consists of more than 380 Acts and Ordinances still currently in force and applicable to all South African Provinces from 1910 to date.This new approach to Provincial Legislation makes the Acts/Ordinances available as they were at a particular point in time and currently the product has more than 1000 versions of the Acts and Ordinances.Annual scalable subscription options are available to accommodate various users, while ad hoc documents can be purchased on request.What does our Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw) product offer you?• Current version of the Act or Ordinance is easily accessible.• List of Versions provides you with a list of all versions of a particular Act/Ordinance.• When subscribing to one of the 9 provinces you will automatically also receive access to the Acts and Ordinances which were applicable to the province prior to 1994. E.g. when subscribing to Gauteng province you will also receive access to Transvaal province.• Searching capabilities on Act/Ordinance or Regulation title, Act/Ordinance number, Act/Ordinance year and province.• Faceted browsing makes it even easier for you to find your required document.• Links are provided in the full-text between sections of an Act/Ordinance to other Acts/Ordinances, where applicable.• References to amendments, clearly displayed in the text of each Act/Ordinance.• Alphabetical list of Acts, per province, is included.• Chronological list of all Acts/Ordinances per province.• Graphical Timeline shows you a visual graph of how many times the Act/Ordinance has been amended from date of commencement.• Newsletter containing weekly updates emailed every Friday includes all changes to Acts and Ordinances with links to the full-text.Should you require more information please contact Client Services, tel: (012) 643-9500 or email: