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A Central Location for Credible Online Information on Criminal Law in Africa

Apr 24, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Having access to a comprehensive collection of scientific, academic- and peer-reviewed journals relevant to the African continent and published in Africa is essential for any research purposes. Whether you are a student in criminal law, attorney, judge, law enforcement officer, social worker, human rights worker or academic, credible information sources are essential to ensure the validity of your studies, references and information sharing based on the information sources used.

With the latest health and economic threats that the global world population faces, having access to information related to your specific field of study from the comfort of your home or office is extremely beneficial. You can continue with your literature studies, locate important records of court cases, keep up to date with legislative changes, and collect credible information through usage of the platform. All you need is Internet connectivity. The collection of 600 plus African journals is available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

What makes the collection even more valuable is the accessibility offered. From the very basic navigation for browsing purposes or overview of what is available to in-depth searches through the basic and advanced search options are available. Filter options make it possible sort or refine results according to dates, publishers, authors, keywords, subject collections and more.

The main search options for criminal law related content include:

  • Search across the entire collection
  • Use the advanced search option with its many filters
  • Search within a specific collection
  • Search within a journal
  • Use the top of the page and side panel navigation to browse by topics or collections

The advanced search option opens a new page from where you can use Boolean style searching, filter according to access, accreditation and collection types, and even exclude full text from the search results.

If you choose to only search within collection such as law, you can filter within that collection or use keyword searching to find results that include, for instance, criminal law in the titles of the journals, article titles, or anywhere in the documents. The easiest way to browse by topics is to go the topics option on the homepage and choose the topic of choice, such as criminology and penology.

Results Output Options

The platform makes it easy to share the results of your search. You can do so through citation exporting, emailing the results, or printing such. Once within a document, you can add it to your favourites, email it, or download it. Citations can be exported in various formats, of which you can see such when choosing to export the citations.

Who Can Use the Collection?

Access to the collection is open to any user. Citations and full bibliographic information are available on every article or document listed. To view and download the full-text documents, register as a user and create your profile of interest. Choose the documents that you want to purchase and add to your cart. Select your payment option and download the document in PDF format. You can print it out or store it on your device.

You can also subscribe to, for instance, specific criminal law journals. With this option, you have access to the full-text articles in the selected journals and can download the articles from those journals without having to pay-per-content.

For more comprehensive access and savings, subscribe to a specific collection or collections, allowing you to have access to, for instance, all the journals relevant to criminal law. For unlimited access, choose to subscribe to the entire collection. You can set alerts to be notified of new additions according to your criteria for alerts.

Your Profile

Once registered, add your specific details and then access saved searches or select to execute the saved searches again. You can see a list of your favourites on, for instance, the topic of criminal law and manage them. You can also manage your social bookmarks, RSS feeds and alerts. The search history for your current search is available. Within your profile, you can also track your pay-per-view order history and manage your billing details.

We offer a user guide that can be downloaded to help you become an expert user of the user-friendly platform. Benefit from alerts regarding topic updates related to criminal law or another subject field. Register online to become a user of our extensive collection of African journals and related publications.