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How Easy is it to Find Information on African Human Rights Using Our Collection?

Apr 14, 2020 | Blog, Company news

If you need information on African human rights, you will appreciate the comprehensiveness of our online collection. Indeed, we offer the largest electronic collection of African journal titles and full-text articles.

The collection is searchable by means of categories, specific collections, the search facility for keyword phrases, and the advanced search for highly accurate search results.

With over 500 journal titles forming part of the collection and thousands of full-text articles accessible from our platform, we help to reduce the time it takes to find credible sources of information on topics related to human rights. Access studies, legislation, opinions and peer-to-peer articles from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

You can search through the entire collection and select only the documents that you want to download. Use the pay-per-article option if you only need one or two articles. If, however, you require regular access to information as relevant to your field of study on African human rights, rather subscribe to particular journals or the entire collection.

Open-Access Content

We also offer access to content forming part of the open-access collection. Such content is made freely available and can be accessed, whether you have subscribed to the collection or not.

Browsing Support for Ease of Use

With the ease of access and use in mind, we offer several ways to browse content. You can even search within a particular journal, within a specific journal collection, or filter lists according to date of publication and subject categories.

The global navigation system makes it possible to search within a journal if you are on the journal page. With the filters, you can refine the list of items to only show the ones that meet the specific filter criteria. We have added a further option of sorting the filtered list according to the latest additions or alphabetically according to article titles.

To help you track your search route back, you can use the trail at the top to navigate to the previous pages.

Search All Content

With the search facility in the upper right corner of the screen, you can search according to keyword phrases. This brings up all the sources where the particular keyword or a keyword string can be found. When it thus comes to ease of access to content pertaining to African human rights, we make it easy and quick to find the most relevant information.

Our collection contains free, open access, and subscription-based content. When you subscribe to the entire collection, you have access on all levels to all the content. You can also subscribe to specific journal titles or a category. This helps you to keep within your research budget regarding African human rights.

The advanced search option includes the ability to search for words within the body of the article, the title only, the publication title, author name and more. You can conduct an exact phrase search as well. Create unique search strings with the Boolean operators to exclude specific terms while ensuring others are combined.

To give you an idea of the content available on the topic, we briefly look at two titles relevant to the topic:

  • Title: Homophobia in African Law: human rights law by Chiara Van Ingen and Tshegofatso Phala as published in Without Prejudice, Volume 14 Issue 2, January 2014.
  • Title: African Journal of Farm Child and Youth Development. It is an annual publication focussed on integrated humandevelopment in the farm set-up. Our collection contains Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2002. The publication is not active.

We also provide abstracts for journals and full-text articles to help you decide which ones to keep on your list to download at a later stage if you want to.

When it thus comes to a central location where you can find current and historical journal and article titles highly relevant to your research on human rights issues, you will appreciate the many ways you can search. In addition, the comprehensiveness of the collection, as well as the consistency in indexing make this platform an essential resource for academic research.

Get in touch for more information on subscription options or use our search options to find sources for your research topic. Use the pay-per-article option to pay and download the articles on African human rights.