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Academic Law Research: Top Reasons to Use Our Online Platform

Apr 15, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Accuracy and relevancy are two exceptionally important elements of academic law research. With the Internet offering a wealth of sources, the information overload can quickly become a challenge. The problem is not a lack of information, but rather information relevant, current and accurate on the specific academic law research topic.

It takes time to scan through search results, especially if the sources are listed at different online collections. To solve the issues of time, relevancy, accuracy, and credibility, make use of our online platform that provides access to over 600 plus African journal titles. The collection is ever-growing. With only the most relevant and credible sources forming part of the collection, the issue of credible information sources is already sorted, as we have a team of professional information specialists assigned to manage the collection.

They also have the expertise to index the collection in such a manner as to make information easy to retrieve. Understanding that information retrieval can be a tedious process, we make it as easy as possible to find information regarding relevant full-text articles and reports.

Our user-friendly search facility allows for quick searches in the entire collection or in a specific collection to find relevant titles. You can also use the advanced search facility to narrow down results to a particular topic. It contains all the operators to make it possible to search within broader topics as well. You can search according to the topic, author, publication, collection, publisher, or even the year of publishing.

We offer a convenient pay-per-article option. This makes it possible to find relevant articles, pay for such, and then download it for immediate or later use. This is a suitable option if you only need one or two articles on a particular academic law research topic. However, if you regularly need such full-text articles, you will benefit from our affordable subscription options.

Several Subscription Options

We understand that you don’t necessarily require access to the entire collection of journals and publications. To this end, we make it possible to subscribe to specific subject areas, such as the law or education, as relevant to your academic research.

If, however, you want the most comprehensive access, then we recommend subscribing to the entire collection. Perhaps you only want to subscribe to selected journal titles as relevant to your academic law research. As such, we also offer you the opportunity to subscribe to specific titles. If, however, your research is near its end or you don’t regularly need access to law-related journal titles, select the pay-per-article option.

Extensive Collection of Law-Related Journals

Our collection is the most comprehensive of its kind and is ever-growing. With thousands of full-text articles from credible authors and publishers forming part of the collection, you can have all the information you need at one central location. This helps to save time in finding relevant sources for your academic research.

Affordable Pricing

Since it is imperative to keep research costs within the budget limits, it makes sense to use a facility that offers competitive prices. To this end, you will also not be disappointed with our pricing structure.

Value Services

Considering that academic law research also sometimes entails making use of sources such as Government Gazettes and legislative documents, you will be glad to know that we provide for a range of services to keep you up to date regarding legislative changes, policies, speeches, opinions, and more. Make use of our information services relevant to academic law research to stay current while also having access to credible sources for literature study.

Our legal information service delivery includes, but is not limited to:

Though you don’t need to subscribe to access our platform, a subscription is necessary to gain access to full-text articles, unless you pay per article. Register to become a user of our platform and set your information preferences. You can also set alerts and thus be in the know regarding new titles on particular topics. Get in touch for more information about our titles and the benefits of using the platform for academic law research.