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Sabinet introduces custom library app CapiraMobile

Mar 9, 2021 | Press Releases

Sabinet is pleased to introduce an exciting addition to their library solutions offering that will significantly increase the impact and engagement of libraries.

Libraries today are under enormous pressure to prove relevance and value, particularly as community needs and expectations in terms of engagement change. Sabinet Managing Director, Rosalind Hattingh, comments: “One of the big challenges the library industry faced early on in the pandemic was moving library materials and collections to digital access.” Users want the choice and convenience of utilising library resources and services without entering the building physically. Libraries are therefore challenged to meet users wherever they are in order to inspire more active engagement with the library and the resources that users need.

CapiraMobile, part of the OCLC product suite and now offered by Sabinet, is a custom library app that enhances the relationship between a library and anyone that uses its collections and services.

A full-fledged digital extension of a library, CapiraMobile offers users the convenience and freedom of choice they seek. The app’s modern, intuitive customer-centric design combined with a range of tools to access and engage with their library of choice, makes searching, learning about and lending materials simple.  Rosalind continues, “The app is an invaluable tool for libraries, allowing users to make use of their own mobile devices for engagement and self-service of simple requests.”

A digital extension of any library
With CapiraMobile, the library is always open and available, providing users with a virtual extension of the services already provided. A feature-filled smartphone app, CapiraMobile allows users to engage with the library on a new level.

Breathing new life into the way libraries live online:

Numbers that tell a story: CapiraMobile reveals a new perspective on library engagement that offers the ability to pivot fast as needs and expectations change. A wide range of reports provide an in-depth view into acquisitions, user engagement, and outcomes of the objectives that have been set to track success.

Authentic experience: CapiraMobile creates an authentic digital extension of the familiar library experience from searching catalogues and reserving materials to renewing a library card. Robust customisation means the specific library’s brand is always front and centre.

More meaningful engagement: This easy-to-install and customisable app meets users where they are, increasing library usage and inspiring active engagement.

Personalised: Libraries can personalise the experience with a custom interface, and library users can choose what they want to see and do – including the option to receive event reminders and other information.

Communicate better: Push notifications with strategic marketing messages, social media integration, and event promotion make CapiraMobile an effective communication tool to support library goals.

Choice and convenience: With ongoing COVID-19 concerns and libraries in various states of reopening, CapiraMobile enables libraries to offer choice and convenience for people who want to engage with the library without visiting a physical location.

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