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A single open resource becomes a stepping stone to so much more

Aug 31, 2022 | Articles, Press Releases

Sabinet’s mission of facilitating access to information resulted in the development of its new delivery platform Sabinet Discover. While this new open platform makes it easier for users to browse the breadth of Sabinet’s voluminous content services with increased ease, an index of linked content has been implemented across most resources to improve content discoverability.

This value-added document linking supplements search results, exponentially strengthening resources by highlighting the connections between pieces of information in an easy-to-view format. A single resource that has visualised linked content implemented is aware of other information that is related to it in some. While specific searches help users find what they are looking for and broad searches provide more generalised information, resources with an index of linked content can paint an even wider informational picture, providing users with a holistic overview of resources, that may be relevant to them. Users can also benefit from a visual viewpoint to the linked content. Sabinet’s product specialists select linked content with care and consideration, resulting in more accurate and relevant content.

By giving users the potential to delve deeper and discover new relationships between associated content, Sabinet aims to optimise not only how information is searched for but also the nature of insights gained.

The added value of Sabinet’s extensive content services is now even easier to discover through visualised linked content. A single piece of content at the start of the research journey might seem small but, when it links to relevant Acts, recent Judgments, important case outcomes, or relevant journal articles, that first step in a search becomes a steppingstone to further information, providing users with a truly holistic overview.

To learn more about Sabinet Discover and the power of visualised linked content, click here.