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What Type of Information Gets Published in the Government Gazette?

Jun 13, 2023 | Blog, Industry news, Products

South African Government GazetteWe all know of the Government Gazette as the published source of information pertinent to the running of the country. We know that Government Gazette publications come out any day of the week, as often as is required. But, is there any type of official information that doesn’t feature in the Gazette? More importantly, what must appear in Government Gazette publications?

Items that will Feature in the Government Gazette

  1. Deceased estates must be published in the Gazette, provided they are valued at over R250,000.
  2. An annual inclusion that features in the Gazette is a complete list of public holidays for the upcoming year as well as the school calendar.
  3. Public Auctions, Tenders, and Sales are published. This is an excellent way to discover local property auctions that might help you secure a bargain.
  4. Any applicants for liquor licenses must publish their intentions in the Gazette before continuing on with the process. This gives citizens’ notice of an establishment which intends to open up near their homes, giving them ample warning to post any protests.
  5. Legislation amendments and new legislation must be published.
  6. Vehicles intended for carrying people across the border of the country must apply for Cross Border Permits. These are then published in the Gazette.
  7. Road Carrier Permits are also published. These are permits given to vehicles which are intended to transport passengers, such as buses with capacity for more than 35 people, taxis, charter services, and vehicles with the ability to carry more than 9 passengers. Road Carrier Permits must also make known the route intended for the vehicle.
  8. Any name changes – to a first name or surname – must be published in the Gazette.
  9. Land restitution claims must be posted in the Gazette; allowing would-be buyers to know which pieces of land have claims already lodged on them.
  10. Banks are obliged to publish unclaimed funds from dormant accounts. Should this money not be claimed within a certain window, the state takes ownership of it.
  11. Draft Bills, which are proposed pieces of legislature, must be published in the Gazette. This gives the citizens of the country an opportunity to comment on pieces of law proposed by the government.

All these items, and more will feature in the coming Government Gazettes. These are items that could have an important bearing on our individual lives. It is thus important to keep up to date with all of the Government Gazette publications. So, to be sure that you don’t miss out on an important opportunity, contact Sabinet today.