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Empowering the future leaders of our country

Jun 15, 2023 | Blog

Youth Day on June 16 honours the contribution by our youth to the nation’s past and recognises the challenges they face today. “Young people have contributed to shaping the history of South Africa. They hold great importance for the development of our country. Investing in youth empowerment and education is vital for economic growth and reducing poverty,” says Sanet Vos, Sabinet’s Head of Product. 

“Access to Legal information resources is crucial for the development of the future leaders of South Africa. By acquiring knowledge, developing new skills and broadening their horizons, we equip young people with the tools they need to succeed and become future leaders. By equipping young people with skills, knowledge and opportunities, they can become a productive workforce, contributing to job creation, economic diversification and sustainable development,” Vos says. 

Sabinet has a variety of free legal resources, which ensure that all young people have access to educational material, information and opportunities. Sabinet’s National Legislation service (NetLaw) is available on Sabinet Discover and is free to all public universities in South Africa. It provides instant online access to consolidated South African legislation that is updated daily, enabling users to view new, amended and repealed laws.  

“Young people are often at the forefront of driving social, political and economic change. They have the energy, enthusiasm and fresh perspective needed to challenge the status quo, push for reforms and address societal issues such as inequality, unemployment, education and access to healthcare.,” adds Vos. 

Youth Day and democracy are interconnected. Youth Day highlights the struggles, aspirations and contributions of young people in the fight for freedom and democracy. It reinforces the importance of youth participation, representation and the protection of democratic values and rights. By celebrating and empowering the youth, Youth Day plays a vital role in promoting and sustaining democracy in South Africa. 

“South Africa’s law-making process is the foundation of democracy. The process of creating and enacting laws is a fundamental aspect of democratic governance, as it ensures that decisions affecting the nation are made collectively, transparently and in accordance with the principles of accountability and rule of law,” explains Vos.  

Click here for Sabinet handy guide on the law-making process in South Africa.  

Our Constitution also serves as a reminder of the progress made in building a democratic and inclusive society. It emphasises the rights, freedoms and opportunities that all people are entitled to and highlights the ongoing work needed to ensure their full realisation. Youth Day celebrations often include discussions and engagements centred around the Constitution, fostering a deeper understanding of its significance and the responsibilities it places on both the government and the youth themselves. 

Click here to download the South African Constitution on Sabinet Discover. 

“Let’s honour the youth of our country together on Youth Day and work towards creating a better future for all,” concludes Vos.