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Why WorldShare Management Services in your library?

Feb 10, 2016 | Press Releases

Many libraries today are looking at ways to change the way they operate and save time and money. WMS offers libraries cost savings, workflow efficiencies and the ability to deliver new value to users.

WMS provides cloud-based library management and discovery applications in an integrated suite, offering librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage library workflows efficiently and improve end users’ access to library collections and services. The applications include acquisitions, circulation, license management, metadata management, interlibrary loan, analytics and discovery.

WMS has the WorldCat database as its foundation. This co-operatively created database containing millions of items in all formats allows libraries to benefit from other libraries’ efforts and to discover and share resources internationally. WMS further facilitates the sharing of data such as vendor records, publisher and knowledge base data, serials patterns and more, through a shared platform.

Almost 300 libraries on four continents—Australia, Europe, North America and Africa—are currently using WMS to gain efficiencies and improve usability in library services and end-user discovery.

These are the benefits WMS will have for you and your library:

  • Streamline and improve workflows
  • Realise significant cost savings
  • Manage print and electronic resources efficiently
  • Improve discovery for users and visibility of the library
  • Support and implementation are carried out locally

More about WorldShare Management Services can be found on the OCLC website.