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Academic Law Research Made Easier with Online Access to African Journals

Feb 25, 2020 | Blog, Company news

Academic Law Research Made Easier with Online Access to African Journals

Access to world-class academic and law articles is essential for research purposes. To this end, you will appreciate our extensive collection of peer-reviewed and highly acclaimed journals relevant to the African continent. It is the largest online collection of its kind and with new articles and journal titled added regularly, the searchable collection is growing fast.

Sabinet African Journals offers online access to more than 430 000 full-text articles from more than 600 journal titles. The platform is already used by all the major universities for academic research in the country.

The information is categorised, indexed and optimised for maximum accessibility through our search facility to meet the information needs of students, academics and professionals, also when it comes to law research topics.

Our track record spans over three decades of excellence in quality information delivery in various topics. The collection covers from law to medicine, labour, business & finance, in addition to education, religion, science, technology and agriculture, as well as social sciences and humanities.

With accuracy at the core of academic law research, it is imperative to have access to relevant and credible information sources. Though the Internet has a plethora of information sources, having to work through thousands of search results can be a daunting task. Likewise, having to evaluate each source to determine credibility can be equally challenging.

Our information specialists do the footwork, so that you can save time and have the assurance of credible information sources. Subscription to the platform gives you access to superb information sources, all relevant to the continent.

We regularly update the information, enabling access to the most up-to-date and relevant journals and full-text articles.

Our search function is easy to use. For exceptionally accurate results, we recommend using the Advanced Search, allowing the narrowing down of search results to meet your particular academic research topic needs.

We have several subscription options to meet user requirements. You can subscribe to the full African collection, specific journal titles or subject-specific collections. If you subscribe to a journal title, you also gain access to the archive of content for the specific title. Search from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. The collection is available 24/7.

Relevant journal titles include, but are not limited to:

  • Acta Criminologica: South African Journal of Criminology
  • African Human Rights Law Journal
  • African Journal on Conflict Resolution
  • Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly
  • Conflict Trends
  • Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History
  • Journal for Juridical Science
  • Servamus Community-based Safety and Security Magazine
  • South African Journal of Human Rights

Many more relevant titles form part of the collection relevant to academic research.

Legal Information Services

We also offer a comprehensive information service delivery to legal professionals, companies and educational facilities in South Africa. The offering includes:

  • Government Gazettes
  • Retrospective Gazettes Archive
  • National Legislation
  • Provincial Legislation
  • Bill Tracker & Parliamentary Documents
  • Sabinet Monitoring Services
  • Sabinet Legal Registers
  • Municipal By-laws
  • Sabinet Labour

Keep up to date with legislative changes, government policies, speeches and opinion pieces through our legal information service offering. Whether you need to be in the know about the promulgation of a new Act or want access to reported and unreported labour related judgments as part of your ongoing academic research project, you can rely on our professionals to deliver information relevant to your needs.

Whether you want access to relevant journal titles, want to be alerted regarding legal developments, want news updates, or want full access to the African journal collection, be sure to contact us to make your academic law research easier with credible information sources.