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Comprehensive Online Platform to Keep Up to Date with South African Law

Feb 19, 2020 | Blog, Company news

When it comes to South African law research, you will appreciate the comprehensiveness of our collection if you are trying to keep up to date with the latest changes in legislation, corporate governance, and labour issues.

Apart from the extensive collection of journals with access to over 460 000 full-text articles, we offer a comprehensive legal information service, which is introduced below. We started the legal information services in 1995, with the first offering at that stage being an electronic form of the Government Gazettes. We have since then expanded the service and product offering to meet the information needs of legal professionals, academics, and corporations regarding up-to-date and credible information delivery.

The exceptionally user-friendly service includes a search facility and menu selection to help users of our services easily locate relevant information. The services include:

Retrospective Gazettes Archive

The archive provides online access to the South African Government and Provincial Gazettes as far back as 1910. This is especially useful for academics doing research on South African law development over the last century. The collection includes Government Gazettes from 1910 to 1993 on a national level and from 1910 to 1994 on a provincial level.

Subscription to the retrospective Government Gazette archive service helps to save space in storing historical Gazettes and makes it easy to find relevant information for the entire period. The documents are easy to download and can be printed or emailed. We index the Gazettes by decade, making it easier to search for specific information over the 93 years.

Legal Registers

We offer the service in association with Libryo, making easier for corporations to keep up to date with South African law regarding corporate governance issues. The service is specifically designed to ease the load of managing corporate governance and legal compliance. You can create customised profiles as related to the geography of a site, which can then be classified according to the risk item or industry. The service is especially valuable for risk managers, in-house legal teams, compliance managers and management system specialists.

The service includes a full scope legal register relevant to South African law. It is site location and activities specific and includes a powerful search facility. English summaries are provided with the legislation included in the online platform. The legal updates are done in real-time, helping you to keep current with legislative changes relevant to your field of interest. The interactive dashboard includes an activity log, communication feeds, as well as live chat support and integration with any GRC software platform.

Municipal By-Laws

The collection includes full-text access to Municipal by-laws from 1995 onwards for all the South African provinces. Each province can be searched separately for by-laws of disestablished and existing municipalities.

The service offers complete full-text access to all by-laws in force and applicable in municipalities in all nine provinces, from 1995 to the present day. The platform provides access to all the relevant by-laws at one place. The index system provides for an additional means to find information. The collection also includes a comprehensive list of all South African municipalities that have been disestablished.

Sabinet Labour

On the South African labour law front, we offer a comprehensive collection of current reported and unreported labour judgements. Gain access to no fewer than 29 Acts, which can be viewed in list format, cases relevant to specific sections in the Acts, relevant forms, direct links to court rules, labour procedures and practice directives, judgments, bargaining council agreements, and lists of unions, bargaining councils, and more. Subscribe to individual labour judgments, bargaining council agreements, or the full collection.

The above introduction to some of the services serves to show the comprehensiveness of our collection and the usefulness of the platform. We provide full training on the usage of any of the services in addition to our online journal collection. From news research to legislative related products are offered. You can also subscribe to newsletters relevant to the particular services.

Get in touch for more information about our South African law sources, platforms and services.