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Online Access to the Most Comprehensive Collection of African Journal Titles

Apr 9, 2020 | Blog, Company news

As a reputable and well-established information service in South Africa, we also offer access to a comprehensive collection of law journals. Whether you are a student, academic researcher, politician, attorney, or author, we offer an ever-growing collection of full-text articles from a range of accredited and acclaimed publications.

Our online service for access to African journals dates back to 2001. The service has since grown to a widely used platform for research on topics in the fields of education, medicine, law, economics, and more. The journals are relevant to the African continent and are accessible from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. With equal accessibility from mobile phones and computers, you can access information even if you are  studying at home.

With more than 500 African journals, including a comprehensive collection that focusses on law-related topics, our collection has become the largest of its kind in Africa. The content is made accessible through a standard and advanced search facility, easy-to-follow web navigation and well-organised categories. Vertical searching is also possible. Regardless of whether you are an information specialist, familiar with advanced search techniques or new to the world of online search strings, finding journals on law-related topics has never been easier.

Subject areas covered include, but are not limited to:

Relevant and Up to Date

Rather than having to search through countless collections and reviewing each title to determine whether the information is accurate, you can subscribe to the platform or selected journals for access to credible sources which are relevant to your field of interest.

Subscription Options to Match Your Needs

We offer various subscription options to fit your budget and research needs. This makes it possible to subscribe to a subject field such as education, law or medicine. When you, for instance, subscribe to the law field, you have access to all the African law journals and related publications. Alternatively, you can subscribe to specific journal titles. For the most comprehensive access, you can subscribe to the entire collection of journals. A subscription gives you access to full-text articles in PDF format. You can download the articles for later use. 

If you don’t want to subscribe at this stage, but you do want to access full-text articles in specific law journals, use the search facility to locate relevant articles. You can access and download the articles on a pay-per-article basis. This enables you to immediately access relevant information.

Apart from our comprehensive collection of African journals, we offer a professional information service for individuals, companies, government departments, and educational institutions in South Africa. The service offering is comprehensive and includes information scanning and delivery related to:

Usage of the mentioned services enables you to stay up to date with notices published in the Government Gazette and changes in government policies. Gain access to reported and unreported judgements related to labour, the promulgation of new acts, speeches and opinion pieces, and stay current with legislative changes. We do the scanning and monitoring of the relevant topics and sources. You can focus on your research or core critical business tasks while we source relevant information.

The collection of law journals is extensive with titles such as the African Journal of Conflict Resolution, Child Abuse Research in South Africa, Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly, and South African Public Law, to name only a few.

You can use the A-Z Index of Journals to search for titles in alphabetical order, search in specific collections or use the search facility to find journals containing full-text articles on a specific topic. We also make it possible to narrow down the search results according to the year of publication.

With 24-hour a day access to a comprehensive collection of law journals, in addition to the professional information delivery services, we make credible and relevant information accessible. Our pricing structure is exceptionally competitive, making it affordable to use the platform for all your research queries.