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South African Law Research Available Online

Apr 9, 2020 | Blog, Company news

South African Law Research Available Online

With the largest online collection of African journal titles and full-text articles in Africa, our platform provides easy and convenient access to essential information for research about South African law.

Our service is relevant to lawyers, academic researchers, judges, politicians, and students alike. The collection of journals and related publications grows fast. What makes the service so useful is the professional indexing of titles that includes the keyword in context abstracts and full bibliographic information. This makes it possible to decide whether or not an article or publication is relevant to your area of study on South African law before you download the full-text document.

What also sets the service apart and makes it exceptionally valuable for anyone interested in South African law-related topics is the fact that it is available 24/7. As such, you don’t have to wait for information. The document is available for download when you need it.

The Credibility of the Sources

A further reason why so many researchers and lawyers already make use of the collection to find relevant information on South African law-related topics is the credibility of the sources. Although the Internet has a wealth of information, when it comes to something that requires accuracy and credibility, access to  accredited publications is essential. Our collection contains high-quality and accredited publications. As such, the sources you can cite for literature studies or case reports are credible and recognised by authorities in the South African law context.

Searching to Find Information is Easy

Complementing our research services, we also offer legal information services. Whether you are looking for specific Acts, Government Gazettes or full-text, in-depth studies on topics such as unfair dismissals or laws against child labour, adoption, tax administration or property law, you can find the information even if you are not experienced in advanced search operators. To this end, our online facility includes a search option that makes it possible to locate information according to categories, specific topics within categories, documents containing the keyword phrases and more.

You can also use the advanced search facility to refine searches to meet your exact information needs. Our easy-to-navigate layout of the categories provides even more ways to find publications and articles. Gain access to the collection via your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. Designed to meet the search needs also of mobile device users, the platform is exceptionally fast.

The bibliographic information is available regardless of whether you have subscribed to the entire collection or not. This enables you to select only specific titles for download. Once done, you can pay per article. With this option, we make it possible for the non-subscriber to access information. The document is available in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed out.

For maximum benefit from using the platform, we recommend subscribing to specific titles or even better, the full collection. This enables you to find and download information when you need it without having to pay for each title. It is the most economical way to access the South African law collection throughout the year. If you operate a law firm, you will already know how important immediate access to relevant information is. Cost savings can be attained through the subscription option.

A Wealth of Up-To-Date Information

Our service offering started in 2001 and has grown tremendously over the years. Today, the collection includes more than 600 journals relevant to the continent.

Our collection includes several subject areas, some of which relate to South African law aspects. Apart from the law collection, we offer publications and full-text articles in the subject fields of business & finance, education, social sciences, agriculture and religion. The collection also covers categories such as science & technology, legal medicine, labour and medicine.

Up-to-date information is essential, and we understand that you cannot wait for several months before having access to the latest edition of a publication. To this end, our team of information specialists ensures regular updating of the collection, giving you up-to-date and relevant information.

Also pertaining to South African law, we offer an information delivery service regarding provincial and national legislation, municipal by-laws, labour, monitoring services, bill tracking, legal registers and parliamentary documents. We thus help you to keep up to date with changes in legislation with information relevant to your particular focus area. Furthermore, you have access to unreported and reported judgments. Keep current with changes in legislation and policies. Know when new acts are promulgated and when industry leaders provide valuable opinions. You can also access relevant speeches.Subscribe to the entire collection or specific South African law publications, or get in touch for more information